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Garden ~ 365 Photos Challenge #146

If we look at a garden, we see a well-ordered collection of life in such a way that we like or admire its beauty.

Each part of the garden, with its own uniqueness, contributes to complement each other’s harmony of beauty.

Truly so is life on earth, and in the universe, it really is a vast, infinite, and very beautiful park. Indeed, it is a reality, a real one that our eyes fail to see because of the limitations of our mind.

The only way to see and enjoy the beauty of the living park is to deactivate the mind. But, who wants to see it? You?

If you curious and eager to participate in this challenge, here are the rules and guidelines to join.


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  1. I love gardens, parks and flowers. There are times when I’m there to take pictures in which I think. How would I arrange my garden? I want to be perfect and divinely beautiful.