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Tea Plantation ~ 365 Photos Challenge #171

We all know that resting and refreshing, both body and mind are important. We also know that it can be done anywhere, but the different atmosphere or something completely new, of course, more fun, not only to get a change of atmosphere but also make it easier for us to get out of boredom on the same things we see all time.

The hassle is if after we spend all the expenses; thought, money and energy for a vacation but not pleasure and freshness but rather a new problem.

The photo above is the view of a tea plantation in Puncak – Bogor, West Java, not far from the workshop location of a company that has presented me as the speaker in the event a few days ago. From this location, I vaguely heard an argument. For I was cool to enjoy the fresh air while photographing the beauty that exists, then I really did not pay attention to the debate, until I saw a young woman walking passed quickly behind me. Moments later a man ran after her. Then their quarrel continues again. Feeling reluctant to listen to the quarrel I moved away from them. The last few sentences in a high tone I heard were;

“I am so disappointed and regret has gone here with you”

“Me too! Do you think I don’t regret it?”

That’s how it is. We can go anywhere to relax and take vacations, but because we carry our thought and feelings wherever we go, or rather – the mind has taken us wherever the mind wills, then, no matter how far we go, as beautiful as any place we visit, all those have no meaning but add to fatigue and tension.

If you want to join, here is all about 365 Photos Challenge and I am on Day 171.


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  1. When my mind wonders to ter past of pains I tell it to go away because it will serve no purpose, then I feel better, and the day is brighter.

  2. Ah, I wished you listened … then probably you would post a gossipy post …

    *But I probably shouldn’t place my KPO attitude on you* :p