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Grow ~ 365 Photos Challenge #174

A meeting with a close colleague in the past is fun because we can exchange stories about so many things after so long. So was my encounter with a colleague this afternoon.

The meeting happened for I was asked to give input to a group of executive management of a company, where apparently my former colleague is one of them. After the program, we continue the fun encounter at a cafe while enjoying coffee.

We laugh a lot about the experiences we worked together before, almost twenty years ago. The sad thing about the reunion was when he told me about his divorce that took place about six years ago. My wife and I knew the two of them closely, and it was surprising that they had separated. Until now he still does not want to have a special relationship with other women for various reasons, but mainly because insisted cannot or don’t want to forget the pain of the consequences of the divorce. Inevitably, the afternoon’s event has shifted from laughter to emotion.

For so many hours I take seriously just to be a good listener trying to understand him. I do not even want to give him advice by realizing that he is a believer and always obedient in worship, even though he asks for it. But in the end, because he insisted on asking me for my views and opinions about the issues, especially since they were so affecting his attitude toward his children, his work, and his career, I could only ask him, “My friend, I see you as a man who believes in God, then why do you focus your attention on your hurt and not on the wisdom you gain from that experience? This afternoon we have agreed to learn from the unfortunate experiences of your company, to analyze it, and to make revision the strategy, don’t you think that such thing can be applied to you too?”

Before we left, we agree to see each other soon. One thing I grateful is his willingness to pondering our discussion. We realize, very clear that there is nothing new from my question, he knows it for sure, but sure we also understand that know, understood, and able to do is the different thing.

“I hope you can shift your focus from pain onto the lesson, my friend. Let us see you grow again very soon.”

If you want to join, here is all about 365 Photos Challenge and I am on Day 174.


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  1. If we never suffer in this life how can we comfort someone else.? Yes, we also need to learn from our experience. You were a very good friend and showed compassion by being willing to listen.

  2. You were such a friend to offer him these encouraging words. It is one thing to say, I know. But yet another to actually speak and hear the words. When you hear them, it speaks volumes in your mind. A lot more impact than just thinking about the words. I wish for him a bright future. In time.

    • Thank you, Carol. True, we all know that listening carefully and attentively to understand is an important thing, especially in such a case, though it is not that easy to do too.
      I have the same hope for him, as you wish.