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Have You Ever? ~ 365 Photos Challenge #133

Have you ever wanted to say something you cannot say? Or really want to say something that might be hard to accept and understand by someone who might listen to you? Or like when we want to mediate two people who argue and fight about the true flavor of salak fruit that they have not even seen before? Or say something to say even though the audience will ignore, refuse, refute, or oppose?

I often feel like that. Once, when anxiety about true existence reaches its peak, I ask myself, how ready am I to realize a metaphysical reality, a real, non-material reality?

When that moment happened, I just gawked in amazement without being able to say anything. The light of the magic fire keep wriggles to say something that cannot be said. But I also cannot just keep silence without saying anything. So?

The only way to accept that true reality is to enjoy this illusion game as it is. Eat when having to eat, take a bath when I need to do it, painting when want it, writing when I want to write and go when I have to go. What am I really talking about? Nothing, actually nothing I want to talk about, but there is. At least I know the word unity, Oneness, which we already know, whether it is broad and meaningful or not, do we realize that the unity includes everything including ourselves, the universe and all dimensions including time or not?

When we fall into the deepest abyss of peace, there is nothing but nothingness, vacuum, sunyata or whatever term that fit for it. Without anything including the most trivial; space and time. Then, how? Well, the game must be continued, the pseudo-space and time must be re-entered for a particular mission.

In this classroom of life, we have been brought up with this idea that we live along the invisible line from birth to death and that it is a kind of invaluable currency that we should spend wisely, “Time is money”, awhh… Clocks and calendars are the measuring instruments and markers that we ever, are, or will step on a point in the middle of a certain space and time we call yesterday, now and tomorrow. Then how to say that it all does not exist?

It must be hard to accept that time is more a tool that we should use to get things done in a relative world, and return to the shelf when done with it. Like rulers or other measuring instruments, clocks and calendars are tools for measuring our relative position to other things and to each other.

Indeed, time can help, allow us to manage our affairs, plan everything, date, enjoy the evening, celebrate birthdays and such, and we unknowingly, we become slaves of that (idea).

Have we noticed how remarkable those people who are depicted with the aureole around their heads? They are people who live with an absolute consciousness. A circle has no beginning and no end and in this way symbolizes the eternal, the eternal now. Just ask our self, does eternity mean throughout an entire time without limit or absence of it? Or both?

Life from an eternal, absolute consciousness, gives people insight into the meaning of life and gives them real happiness (liberation). Unfortunately all the sacred messages have been institutionalized and guarded by interpretation so that only dogmatic truths can be regarded as true. The truth of the ego that closes the eternal truth, truth where the absolute and the eternal is what is inside you. A force that then, make us reject or dismiss the essence that true happiness for a human cannot be found in things that are temporary (changing), but only in unchangeable, absolute terms indefinitely.

Without mentioning the great individuals we greatly respect from any age, they are really aware of this unity, but given the limitations of humans, our unpreparedness and the limitations of our language, they must speak in parables, even in their most vividly heard words. By speaking in parables they hope to bring people to self-knowledge and ultimately to a liberating view of human relationships with the absolute and the One, in whatever name we usually call, God or Divine.

That in order to imagine, to understand everything they say or even more so to realize it, people are advised to be brave, willing and able to break the reality of illusion and conquer their need for temporary pleasure, in the name of the liberating insight into the reality of relationship with the Eternal, the eternal now, the absolute, is hard indeed. Then, should we wait? Do we have time?  Are we sure that time does exist?

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  1. Throughout my adolescence, I was an angry boy, until I learned some ancient knowledge for certain unusual abilities (though a few years later I left all). At a more mature age, I learn to aware and master the emotions, how to express or throw them into the bottomless well in my heart.

  2. Very interesting comments Albert. People often say put the past behind you. I don’t know why we go along in our lives and suddenly the past comes up and you see what ever the event was.
    Some people say one thing and mean something else.
    It takes some wisdom to work out what to do with those people.
    Relationships takes work.
    Some people don’t know what they want.
    New Zealand people often use what is called “Metaphors”, it is not a literal way of speaking, but a way of describing an event by referring such as
    “I see the light!”
    Which means the light of truth, not necessarily a torch or candle or sun.
    Truth well there are some things in concrete reality, hot or cold or warm.
    Somethings are relative according to a persons situation..

    Have I ever wanted to say something I could not say, yes.
    My husband is good at languages. I have not had the opportunity to learn.
    A woman spoke to him in French and I understood every word she said but could not speak the language. New Zealand is very isolated so we don’t get opportunities with learning languages.

    • The human brain is the hardware for storing memory together with software to recall the stored data and process the memory as desired in many ways, especially in repetitive patterns with the strongest nerve traces. From this point, a “wisdom system” already appears to be desperately needed, and it can only be available with certain awareness and disciplinary efforts. Also, such as to capture and sensing the essence of the message of others, both clearly and disguised.

      Furthermore, wisdom is needed to understand the deep messages conveyed symbolically in the form of parables, analogies, metaphors (as is often used in your country and in my country) or else, whose essence is very important to us whether we realize it or not.

      I agree that truth is everywhere, in concrete reality and invisible as well, all wraps and contents, even in errors. It is a vast collection of truths that can be relative according to the people situation, but the collection is “a collection”, the one and only collection of truths, like the sun with so many reflections of it on earth. Again, to understand and respond to it also required the wisdom that comes from the eyes of the heart. Well, I realize that’s all just my point of view…

      Anyway, I hope you soon get a chance to learn, my friend. I just don’t understand enough why you say that New Zealand is so isolated, is not that enough tourists coming there? I even admire the nature of NZ that I see used in some movies.

  3. I have noticed people who say they are my friends and that they are very interested in my family problems. But then I found that they were just filling their conversations with me. She has never been interested in how I feel through all the years of harassment and abuse. But sometimes things in life turn. No one is ever insured by anything.

  4. Great words of wisdom, as always! I think that there’s nothing more liberating than choosing to focus on sharing what is important for you. Many people may not understand it or find it interesting, but those who do will be glad you are doing what you are doing.

    • Thank you so much, Ellie. Either this is a curse or a blessing, but whatever I see and wherever I am, it is generally these words that come to my head and want to get out of my mouth. The two challenges you have started, the two have opened the width of that door, and if I participate, then again people will only read similar things from my writing, right?

  5. Well I feel that if others can say even a fraction of what was wanting to be said then something was gained. I know people that have coping problems, and I know they can’t hear thee truth fully, so I do the best that I can with what they can understand

  6. Lots of things to all about here Albert. I will start with your first paragraph. Yes, many times I feel I want, sometimes need to talk about suicide awareness. However many are not open to hearing what I have to say. It is very frustrating as I know it can happen to any family. So many are in denial, saying oh that would never happen to me or my child would need do that. They are so wrong but I realize people have to be open to listening to what you want to say. Otherwise you are wasting your “time”.

      • I am glad that you responded to this writing from your experience, Carol. Indeed, lately, I have found it difficult to resist the rate of the flow that wants to say many things at once, even to summarize it, or to make it short. So I am glad that at least you can find one thing that suits your experience and feelings from here.

        • You have many words of wisdom. The problem is these days most people will not take the time to read and think before they comment. It is sad as they are missing out. They think they are too busy.

          • I really understand that, Carol. I just write because I want to write regardless of whether people will read it or not. I see that here, even a very trivial thing does not get a proper response, let alone that requires thinking or awareness. So it’s almost no difference, is it?
            Luckily there are many challenges here that allow me to write a much simpler thing, because, without it, the flowing idea always comes from the same door. Hehe…

          • I really appreciate that, Carol. To some friends here I say that my presence here is more to build friendship and brotherhood, more deeply to find soul brother and sister. I am sure that you are one of them. Hopefully, you don’t mind.

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