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Twilight Zone ~ 365 Photos Challenge #79

Going home before dark is the desire that comes true today. After exiting the highway, then entering the street in a residential neighborhood, my vehicle was facing westward. The trees on the horizon seem so close to the sun. Something very interesting about the scene is the sun right in the middle of a beautiful heart-shaped cloud! I immediately tried to take a picture of the scene, unfortunately not achieved because too many things that block or all surroundings doesn’t give enough support to shape it into a beautiful picture.

As soon as I got home, I immediately searched for a position to take on the charming scene, unfortunately, again, the “heart” was gone.

Either way, the twilight atmosphere remains beautiful. Dusk is something I really like and always enjoy every chance I get. So also with the twilight zone phrase, in the most realistic sense or in any meaning.

The twilight zone has colored my life experience, both physically, mentally, emotionally and especially spiritually. Do you have any particular special understanding or experience about the twilight zone?

Guys, if you are interested in this challenge, here are the rules and guidelines to join.


What do you think?

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  1. Your observation relative to show of ego is quite true. My pixie nature at times cannot stand injustice and I just have to say my piece ???. Your style of looking for kindred souls in various platform is better but it is like shooting in the dark. You may or you may not find someone. Anyway, I was only added there – not a formal devotee. What I like from them is that I do get support in my spiritual study as many people there are willing to give a hand. Altho I prefer a small group of friends. I usually share there stuff I write so I can gauge if my understanding is going the “right” way. Too, I mostly get support. The incident with the old guy could have been avoided if I didn’t call his shit ???. I mean I had the choice to walk away but — I did not regret my action though and I guess I touched a certain chord — he offered to make his file available for me to study in case I am interested. So I pity him in the end. Sometimes, some people are not just ready to let go of ego and blame culture. And perhaps he was right — that I am a self-assured, maternal, arrogant (i forgot this part) strutting ass ??? — I was more than willing to supply him more adjectives to describe me ???. I dunno. I do not plan of changing the way I am.

    • Shooting in the dark, is not that what we’ve been doing so far? But I am glad that you have been getting the support you need. I myself prefer to meet and share my understanding with those who are on this path directly. If you are born with your pixie nature, I was born with an internal arrogance that is reluctant to be taught by people I don’t know the understanding with certainty. Maybe this is a bad thing, but that’s how I am. In our case, as you should also give a lesson to him, I think this is part of the journey of our life where there really is no coincidence.

      • You forgot my rising sun is in Gemini? A person who treats the world as learning field? Good or bad, there is lesson in it — I always take the good from anything.

        Just for the sake of argument — what makes you think I am in this path directly? And how can you be certain of my understanding? ?

        • Lady Aslan The Holly Soul, it’s all about intentions. When I do something with the intention of learning; learn to learn, learn to seek knowledge and find understanding, learn to unlearn, etc. then I will need a strong and deep source. If I want to gain knowledge and not just a degree, I will choose the right school and will not enroll in a school or course that is not credible even though the name of the school is cool and call the science or ability I need. In the context of our relationship, my intention is learn together; share perspective, attitude, practice, and experience in the name of friendship. And I am so happy to exchange our point of view so that I get a mirror, extension and with no-frills of student and teacher.

  2. Both, dusk and dawn have mercuric, ethereal values for me. “Bounce” or “golden hour”, that time after or before the sun, when there’s enough light to see, is a photographers’ apex. Excellent capture, with or without the heart shaped cloud. I often see fish, of course do…>-=^;>

  3. Beautiful photography, my friend! <3 Dusk is my favorite part of the day and when I, most often, enjoy going for rides. As a child, I lived with my great-grandparents. One evening a week we would drive a few farms over to visit my Aunt Annie, sister to my great-grandmother. We would stay until dusk, me running through the weeping willows and playing with Auntie's goats. Then, we would drive back home through the beautiful mystery only the twilight zone can provide, through the woods, around the creek, and over my very favorite bridge. Oh yes, the twilight provides an atmosphere all of its own and I adore it <3 Thank you for the wonderful post! It has reminded me a bit about who I am and where I came from 🙂

  4. I understand that you caught the meaning well in the photograph as it is a beautiful transition time. This time and the early morning dawn are great for twilight zone pictures or catching that golden light in the afternoon and evening. The early morning misty grey glow of dawn as well.
    As for the other kind of twilight zone, I will answer your question. Yes, I hope I do have a great understanding of the twilight zone or at least I do strive for those moments.
    I also kind of agree with Alex, I live there, then come into the real world at times when I am forced to. grins. Have a great day, and I love this post btw.

  5. Twilight zone is where Edward and Bella come alive followed by the whole gang ?. Dusk time is something I like when I am near the beach. However, up in the mountain with cicada singing, it always gives me a feeling of melancholy. I never understand why. So, I always say maybe my soul does not belong to the forest.

          • Lol! Something which Sri Ramana said crossed my mind while typing that — my data signal is like a 100-year old snail — I am trying to attend to my notifs by reading posts but it’s slowwww and so I am kinda lazy to elaborate — I suspect you know what Mountain of Life is anyway ?

          • As I mentioned, something which Sri Ramana said crossed my mind. He said all paths lead to the mountain; what is pointless is to run around the mountain telling people they are going the wrong way. The “mountain” therefore is only a metaphor — the ever-changing view refers to the fact that sometimes we feel we are too far or too near, certain then uncertain, going high then going low. And I am just humoring you by answering your question of which you already know the answer.

          • Ha! You know, as much as I do, that I know nothing – just another blind trying to navigate the path to the light. Just the same, A for the effort of trying to pull my leg – altho it is a pointless effort ???. I do not allow other people’s definition of me define me. I am trying to learn to go about life like a happy fool.

          • Oh, you knew I am the harping pixie and you do not need denial to know that ??? no truth is an absolute truth, my friend ?. But this is what I can tell you, writing my different perspective about suffering (in my WP blog) actually helped me in my current challenge. I told myself: “Now, hey, let us see what you are made of — if, indeed, you can walk the talk.” ? If I can still sing at this point then I would like to believe my spiritual mentors did not put their efforts in vain. Can you imagine what a headache I could be as student of life? ???

          • @model student: ahahahaha! There is this community page of a spiritual group where one of my spiritual mentors added me. Now an old guy there started being obnoxious over a controversial link that was shared by one of the members. No one is calling out his shit. Having read his obnoxious comments in several cases for months, I reached my turning point and gave him a piece of my mind ???. He called me “a self-assured, maternal, strutting ass” ???. Name-calling does not piss me off, you see. But one of my spiritual mentors got pretty worried. Told him to stay out coz I can handle it myself ???. In the end, I pity the guy – he is just an adolescent soul trapped in an old body. After the hullaballo (that is, after I kicked his ass damn hard), he sent me a friend request ???. I refrain from participating in many discussion after that ??? — for their own good, not mine ???. Oh and I accepted him as friend but he never bothered me again ???.

        • I have never joined any online spiritual community. One of the things I avoid from such communities is the conceptual discussion and misunderstanding. I see from some communities, that often discussion becomes a show of ego and not consciousness. I really like the way we discuss, as well as some old friends at Tsu. Indeed, Virily, Niume, and Tsu are not spiritual communities, right?

  6. What an amazing piece Albert!! The camera may not have captured what your natural eyes have seen but picture with your story opens our imaginations a little more. That moment that you experienced was for your eyes only. Thank you for sharing!
    Strange enough prior to me reading your share, a few hours ago I posted a piece that is still pending I think in some is related to this.

  7. Sometimes, I have learned, that there are moments only meant for you. I have missed many photos because they were gone so quickly and I tick that as it was meant for my eyes only. But you did capture the moment. How beautiful Albert.

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