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Onthel ~ 365 Photos Challenge #85

Do you enjoy cycling my friends? In Indonesia, especially in Java Island, there are many classic bike clubs called onthel bike clubs. Onthel is the Java language which means paddle.

You know this is not a real bike, right? True, this is a classic bike replica. More specifically, this was a postman mail bike until the mid-eighties. This is one of my collections, a typical Jogjakarta souvenir. Talk a little about cycling, cycling is not a matter of miles. But more on enjoying each stroke to get every kilometer of it. Likewise life, an interesting life does not lie in the number of ages, but how we enjoy every second to get that age.

Cycling is also not a matter of the bike itself or its components. But how to use bikes and components to get an exciting trip. What we can enjoy, something we can tell, not just use a bicycle for us to be proud of because of the price. So it is with life, not a matter of treasure that we get, but how to value the price we have to make our lives more precious inward, not only nominally.

There is a Javanese proverb says, “Urip kuwi golek jeneng ojo golek jenang.” In free translation, life is looking for a name not looking for a meal, meaning life must be useful (for people) to make a good name, not life just looking for treasure but make no difference whatsoever. Same with a bike, what it means to have a bike if the story about it is only when we buy it. Not on when we ride it. Does not ride a bike look and feel more attractive?

If you enjoy cycling, you certainly understand what I mean. But, if you are not a fan of cycling, we are also human beings who live and want to be happy, right?

Happy cycling! Happy weekend.

Well, guys, why don’t you take your camera, point out on something, click, then put your picture in this community, and here are the rules and guidelines to join.


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  1. Amazing replica as Kim said, this is a treasure! And yes i love cycling I just don’t participate like I should. And when you are cycling, the bike is doing what is was made to do!

  2. What a great replica, it looks full sized without a size reference. I am not much of a bike rider, I fall off. lol But do love hiking! I totally get what you mean. : D