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Refreshing ~ 365 Photos Challenge #88

This Sunday morning, my sister and her husband invited me to do a refreshing activity, after so long no longer do it. Off road!

Activities that have been very long I no longer do, while my brother-in-law is still always active in various automotive activities.

To take advantage of opportunities while still at the height of the rainy season where many open fields are generally muddy or waterlogged, that’s the idea for this refreshment. This offroad field is located approximately 100 km from our residence, which is in the village of Parung Panjang – Bogor, West Java. This field is the open land of a rubber plantation.

This activity is only a small activity with the lightweight offroad vehicle too. Together with some other club members, we; my sister and Bima her husband, me and my wife had left early in the morning and arrived at the destination around 10 am.

Alternately, My sister, Bima, and I tested the terrain for a few hours. Quite fun, though not too challenging, but considering my absence in activities like this, it takes a little time to adjust. Well, the fresh air and the changing atmosphere are a good refreshing for me, especially considering that I just had to get enough rest because of my less healthy a few days ago.

Are you curious and eager to participate in this challenge? Come on, why don’t you take your camera, point out on something, click, then put your picture in this community, and here are the rules and guidelines to join.


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  1. Good for you Albert. This reminds me of my childhood. We did this a lot with 4-wheelers. We called it mudding. So much fun to get all muddy. Whatever my brother did I followed behind him. Great memories. πŸ™‚

  2. Oh boy Albert, I bet that was fun. Great little truck there too, almost like a jeep. I had a suzuki sidekick that did really well off road. There are places here people go for mudding, but mostly desert stuff.

    • Sure, that’s fun, Kim. Actually, it’s a jeep. It is one of the older versions of the Suzuki Jimny series of highly-loved offroad lovers in Indonesia other than Toyota Land Cruiser. My brother-in-law collected some Suzuki for offroad including the sidekick you have mentioned. We have only a few desert mudding locations here, especially in East Java.