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Pinang ~ 365 Photos Challenge #84

Dug! Dug! Dug! The sound of objects falling on the ground in the back garden is like a drum beat, which accompanies the sound of drizzling rain and the wind that rubs the leaves.

Nothing else besides the big ripe pinang fruit nut fell around. When I looked out, the top of the tall areca tree swayed here and there. Occasionally still drop the fruits to the ground. Pinang (Areca catechu) is a kind of palm plant that is in English called Betel palm or Betel nut tree where actually different with betel plant that propagates. These fruits will be wasted here because I am not a betel nut eater.

In Indonesia, there has always been a tradition of eating areca nut. Perhaps this tradition is almost lost in the big cities, while in some areas of Western Indonesia this tradition is still done by old people. In the tradition of eating betel nut, there are inseparable ingredients, namely areca fruit (betel nut), betel leaf, lime, and gambier. These four materials are one unity. Like seasoning, the ingredients must be mixed evenly.

In addition to being very beneficial to health, this tradition actually also has a great philosophy, both as part and as a whole. Betel, supposedly symbolizes the nature of humility, giving, and always glorifying others. Lime represents a clean-hearted and sincere heart, but if circumstances force it, it becomes more aggressive and angry. Gambier symbolizes perseverance and patience in doing everything, while areca is a symbol of the descendant of a good man of character, honest, and has a high degree. Willing to do a job with open heart and earnest. This meaning is drawn from the high pinang nature up straight and has a thick fruit in a bunch.

Well… by eating this a set composition of areca fruit or betel nut, it symbolizes hope to become human always humble and calm like betel. The clean heart, sincere but aggressive like chalk. Patience and a steady heart like the gambier. Honest, straight-hearted and really like a betel nut tree. At least that’s the philosophical meaning of the tradition of eating areca nut.

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