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Numbers ~ 365 Photos Challenge #97

This is my 97th day on this challenge. 97 = 7, and 7 in numerology are analysis, understanding, science, meditation, and love of solitude.

Numbers and math; the study of magnitudes, structures, spaces, actually is very interesting. Unfortunately I am so bad at math, but nevertheless, I am convinced that math has no limits. That’s why it is so interesting. Like when we count numbers, as far as we count, we will never reach the limit.

Albert Einstein states that “as far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are uncertain, and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.” The meaning of “Math does not refer to reality” conveys the message that mathematical ideas are ideal and sterile or protected from human influence.

Uniquely, his freedom from man’s reality and influence will eventually allow the inference of the statement that the universe is a mathematical structure, according to Max Tegmark. If we believe that the reality outside the universe must be free from human influence, then the mathematical structure is the universe.

The same thing in Galileo Galilei said that the universe cannot be read until we learn the language and familiar with the written characters. It is written in the mathematical language of the universe, a triangle-shaped symbol, a circle and other geometric shapes, meaning that humans can not possibly understand ‘one word’.

The palm of the hand is the mathematical language of the universe, without the understanding of basic math and strong geometry then one can not possibly comprehend the universe as a whole. If one knows about the geometry and mathematics of the universe, he basically understands everything. In the translation of the work of Pythagoras, it says ‘All are numbers’. Angles, bows, ratios, and geometry are all around us, every corner of the world, every flower, every tree, every sunrise and sunset, every waves voices shouting from the human mouth and every clock tick works according to the law, the principles and essence of the number.

“From the mind of the Creator, the number of geometry is brought in. From geometry comes a symbol … From the symbol appears the letter and the letter comes from outside the human mouth, so … tell me again, on behalf of Who we are talking to?” (Claudia Pavonis) “

On the other hand, there is numerology, better known as the study of the supernatural significance of numbers, which is the science of astrology. Numerology lies at the heart of geometry, and without understanding numerology, it is impossible to understand the beauty and simplicity of mathematics of the universe. Mathematics is not only quantitative but also qualitative, the numbers are not cold, not dead, cosmic looks like chaotic but the language and lifeblood is the creative force behind the creation of the universe.

Numbers are a cosmological principle whose essence works out and is expressed to humans through the material world. The numbers contained therein are inherent messages, Each number has its own story and each story is related to the splendor of the creation of the universe. No matter how much the story is, and no matter how many unlimited numbers reveal the matrix of all material creation, all the parts will eventually lead back to a philosophy that the mathematics of the universe – ‘All Is One’.

Ah, if there was someone who was willing and able to teach math to me, this stupid old, a way of understanding mathematics simply, maybe I immediately drowned in numbers, even though I myself was a number, a number among the numbers.

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  1. I became a math teacher in old age. My grandson has strayed healthy. Every evening we solve tasks one or two hours. I’ve always been very good in mathematics. But with these new methods, the kids went mad. And mathematics is an easy and accurate science with a good base.

  2. I was supposed to say that despite all that has been said and done, still the riddle of life remains a puzzle. My uncle who was a mathematics teacher always told me that math is simple. I was going to say the same — that after all, at the basic, one is all and all is one.

      • Are you saying the soul (a.k.a. deeper personality) stops learning without embodiment? I read that while we are alive we make mind, in death mind makes us. So perhaps learning continues even in the next realm. On “all is one” — I think, like many things in this path, we unlearn the things we learn and that wisdom will be easier to digest and accept. ?

        • We are indeed learning in every form, whether in the form of “spirit or flesh”, only with different lessons. I once wrote that the mind already existed before we were born and continued to add it and stop when we enter the supreme consciousness that will not end, and “all is one” is the fruit of enlightenment that becomes reality in the spiritual realm and as well as the “good news” in physical reality.

          • My theory is that the “soul” (deeper personality/mind) joins in the human body only upon birth ? but that is just my curious imagination of course ? — I believe all is one only becomes reality upon enlightenment. If the soul fails to achieve it in physical realm, it is likely it will not see that truth even in spiritual realm. That is just me of course ?

  3. I don’t believe in numerology but numbers and letters have always fascinated me. I think this is due, in part, to getting my BA in anthropology even though I didn’t pursue it any further, and part because I live in a very multi-ethnic part of Chicago and am used to seeing signs with a variety of different alphabets.

    • Live in a very multi-ethnic certainly so interesting and impressive. Because I am poor in mathematics but want to understand a little bit of its essence then I am looking for an interesting way to recognize numbers and mathematics which are then accommodated through (sacred) geometry and numerology.

    • Totally agree, LaJenna. I was also very poor in mathematics, but through some things like (sacred) geometry and numerology, I began to understand its essence. Mathematicians never stop searching for math, whether useful or not (at least yet), and some small part of that invention goes into the curriculum, confused children, as well as parents who have to help teach them.

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