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You Have My Love And Respect ~ 365 Photos Challenge #100

This is not a puzzle, but I did ask you to guess what this picture meant. That there are a toy and two mugs on a newspaper, that’s very clear, but why?

My friends, today is the hundredth day of my participation in a 365 photo challenge, a challenge that has shifted my main style from only posting paintings and illustrations so over the last hundred days it has also posted various photos, and it’s done every day!

Really, it’s easy to post a few photos every day, let alone just a photo, but, can you imagine how I consider and decide my participation in this challenge, with all my stubbornness about the characters and style I have set when I decided to join Virily as I’ve mentioned above. And I have been willing to move from that point for my respect and gratitude to all my kind friends here.

For that, for all the support, brotherhood, friendship, and appreciation of you all, I thank you. You all have my love and respect.

If you curious and eager to participate in this challenge, here are the rules and guidelines to join.


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  1. You reached your 100th photo and I read Carol’s few days ago — that reminded me I’m stuck somewhere in 30s ???. Why the picture? I guess you were just done drinking coffee while reading the paper then suddenly you remember “dang! It is my 100th in 365!” but was too lazy to look for something and decided the 2 mugs and the toy are enough ???. Then write the story ???? and oh, this is how I return the love and respect from brothers and sisters — I simply annoy them coz why not coconut ?

    • The scenario of a curious detective… Hehehe… Unfortunately, this is not a case of “martial” but a “shooting by the plan”. Three days before day 100 I have imagined an idea for pictures of 100 and 101. Unfortunately (again), my wife asked me to visit her elder sister. So from morning till night, I was not home and the plan had to be realized there. I’m sure you’re fascinated with the idea and the picture, right?
      Thank you for your admiration, Harping.

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