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The Life Guru ~ 365 Photos Challenge #108

Between the two adjacent bonsai, the spider appears to be waiting for fortune to come in its nest. By paying attention to the spider and its nest, I see that a spiritual teacher has come to visit me today. Spiritual teacher?

Of course! At least the life guru. Only the spider is the only creature in the world that can bring out something from within itself that is very beneficial to its life, so to make a house or a nest he does not need anything other than his own. If the spider is human, it is human with resources and not human resources. The subject, not an object. It is also sincere and resigned in its nest to wait for sustenance from God, meaning that after their hard work and creativity did they are willing to wait for the harvest patiently, not complaining, and never give up.

Spiders have capabilities or skills that other creatures do not have which are useful. If you have abilities and skills that are not owned by many other people is undoubtedly you will be visited by people to ask for your services. Seeing Spiders weave the web, teaches us that we must weave our own lives. Also serves as a reminder that it is our choice to build our lives.

The spiders and its webs attract attention to our choice of life, but that’s not all. They also teach us how we can determine our thinking so that we can build the life we want.

The spider has an amazing web construction. They are fully functional, practical, and perfect in design. The spider web serves as a house, food storage, egg incubator and almost unlimited function. When we are able to understand this diversity, we can also reflect on the constructs of our own lives. How do we get the most effective life?

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  1. This is a very interesting perspective! Since I am scared of spiders, I haven’t thought of them this way. It’s an impressive creature indeed.