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The Key ~ 365 Photos Challenge #111

Why key? Because the key is something that can open or lock a door. Key is an important thing and also important word that is widely used as a symbol of wisdom in life, such as the key to life, the key to success, the key to happiness, the key to communication, and others.

On the other hand, the key is always associated with the door. Without a key, the locked door could not be opened. Not all doors need a key, but without a door, a key… Does the key have any meaning?

Then why are keys connected and considered important in life, success, happiness, communication, and so on? Does that mean that all of those things have doors and locked? If you have the key, do you see those doors? Do you see where the key should be inserted to turn later?

Another thing about the key,  in general, important people are often referred to as key figures so many people choose to be the key. Feel as the most important, when in fact still depend on others.

Well, it’s actually very interesting to talk about keys with its all symbolic meanings. But I think it would be better if I also hear your thoughts on this. So friends, would you like to say a little bit about the meaning for you in your life and experience?

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What do you think?

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  1. The key is a great symbol. I have a key pendant and I love it.
    In stories and fairy tales, there’s just one key that opens the door. However, in real life many things can replace the original key: literally and figuratively. So don’t search for the key in one place only. 😉

  2. I hate to confess that I’ve never thought of this before. Some doors I have open with combinations, not keys. But to me a key represents something that’s most important, like a key point that opens the meaning of something. A key figure may open doors of opportunity.

  3. There are things you do not need to have a key to. You only need your eyes.And a very wise thought by Terry Pratchett. “Some human beings will do everything to see if something can happen. If we put a big key somewhere in a cave and write to it “Key-to-End-of-the-World. PLEASE DO NOT KNOW “the paint will not even have time to dry”.