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What Makes The Difference? ~ 365 Photos Challenge #107

A group of small children are engrossed in play when dark clouds show signs of rain will fall soon. One of them sounded asking a suggestion, “Why do not we play and have a rain shower, would you, come on…” The mother of one of them who heard the stimulus said,

“No! You can not go playing in rain! You’ll get sick”. And this afternoon, except the one who doesn’t allowed by his mother the three little boys, were enjoying the rain with joy.

In the neighbourhood where I live, that sort of thing happens a lot. That is the usual thing. And I never heard that the children became sick because of playing rain. The rain never prevents them from playing and rejoicing. Seeing them, I often remembered my own childhood who likes to play rain too, even I still do until now.

I can understand about the prohibition of the mother of one of the children who is worried about her child health. Since I went to school a long time ago, then started working and until now, I often hear the reason people who can not attend because it is blocked by rain, or become sick after being exposed to rain; a small drizzle or heavy rain. Likewise, with my childhood friends who used to play rain with me, a few years later cannot get exposed to rain anymore because their health will be disrupted.

What makes the difference between those who are resistant to rain and those who do not? Many, but I am sure one of them is the particular paradigm, and beliefs that produce. Some believe that rain is a friend and others assume that rain is the source of the disease.

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  1. I always heard the same, get out of the rain. But during the summer it was ok if we played i the spring and summer showers. I think it all depends on your environment and if you are allowed to play in the rain, the more resistance you build up to be sick.

  2. I just do not like rainy weather. My opinion is that these children are healthier than others. Because they get used to adjusting to different atmospheric conditions. And they do not get sick often.

  3. Come to think of it … I haven’t fall sick due to playing/walking in the rain before …
    I tend to fall sick more because of the stuff I eat … LOL

    But there was once I was caught in a heavy rain while walking to school (and my classroom is air-conditioned), after the 2 hours class (in wet clothes), I was feeling sick and have a fever after that.

    I guess its usually not the rain but staying in wet clothes… IDK. Usually, I’ll be fine after a hot bath or change of clothes after getting drench by the rain.

      • I guess everyone is different.

        My tuition teacher once told me that if it’s raining and there is sun (we call it Sun-rain, its direct translation) then you’ll definitely fall sick … but I’m not sure if its some superstitions or fact…

        She said that she always fall ill after walking in that Sun-rain. *Shrugs*