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Embraced ~ 365 Photos Challenge #99

Coming from love

dying out of compassion

enlivened by the essence

in abundance of it


ready to die for love

sincere and honest

giving without ever feeling the fear

of lack or lose

feel affluent without the need to have

carrying a sacred message without the purified verses

hug and embraced by the beauty

blissful by pure wealth in simplicity

without any intention to bear

the heavy burden of the world’s wealth

or preoccupied with transactional worship

just enjoying receive life

as fun as to pick up nothingness

regardless of body and name that left behind

always embraced by another green.


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  1. Life in contrast
    Where there is living
    There you shall find
    Or something
    That is dying
    One is not important
    Than the other
    For the two
    Must be together
    Life and death
    Come as twin
    In the play of the Universe
    United in embrace
    In God’s love and grace ?


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