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What Does Tea Mean To You? ~ 365 Photos Challenge #110

What does tea mean to you?

Tea is a natural thing that has been used by humans for a long time. Tea as a drink or banquet has a very long history. In some cultures, Chinese, Japanese, Javanese, and others, tea even has its own deep ritual and philosophy.

In all cultures of different countries, tea is served in so many ways, both for practical use, certain rituals, and for a ceremony.

The benefits of tea as a philosophical symbol more as an alert or a reminder to always do virtue, because tea has the values of all goodness, simplicity, natural, health, bitterness, togetherness, closeness, and others.

In Indonesia, contextually evolved philosophical values in tea. Examples are “Teh Poci and Teh Tegal”  (Two types of Java tea beverages) – Central Java. The use of rock sugar as a sweetener with the condition should not be stirred with a spoon but just enough to shake the cup handle only. Surely at the beginning of the sugar has not dissolved the taste of tea tastes bitter, but over time will feel sweet. The purpose of this philosophy is to get the sweetness of life not using the instant way, but through a business that often begins with bitterness. The sweetness of life will be very meaningful when we have felt the bitterness of life.

Good evening friends, I lifted my teacup to honor you.

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  1. Tea is almost the only hot beverage I drink. I like it plain — no milk, sugar, or lemon, unless it’s a medicinal tea. Then I might add some honey and lemon juice.

    I don’t have any philosophical thoughts about tea. I drink it because I like it. I keep several varieties on hand — herbal and not herbal.

  2. Once upon a time it was a really good idea to boil water before you drank it, these days it is mostly for taste and/or tradition

    I can go a week drinking nothing but water, but I have the infrastructure to get away with it…

  3. Tea always takes me back to my Grandma’s house. We would drink hot tea with wild mint (she picked the mint from the woods behind her house) and fresh honey, all on her front proch in the swing.. Does not get any better. Precious moments.

  4. Considering my username, I actually quite like tea. I drink tea first thing in the morning. Although usually I drink coffee throughout the day, I do sometimes have a cup of tea too.

  5. Tea… is almost like a “necessity” for me and my family.
    Tea (bubble tea) is also a “high-end” indulgent beverage for us (me and my sister mainly but my parents drink once in a while too)


  6. In the morning I drink green tea in the morning. Half an hour before breakfast. A night before bed a cup of tea from a very aromatic Bulgarian herb is called thyme. I love tea.

  7. I love tea because its cheap, and a simple quenching way to clense your body. I just bought a pack from the store that will last me a month or two; maybe more

  8. Tea is my drink of contemplation. I enjoy relaxing, thinking and drifting with my tea! My favorite changes but Cinnamon is the flavor I am drinking the most now!