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Moon Story – Journey of a myth

I always had an attraction for the Moon and that's how I ended up one day trying to write a new myth about it....

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Travel in the desert of stars and the crack of Time

As fantasy opens wings and we ride it boldly, new spaces open in the distance, in and out of our imagination. I travel these...

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The Lost Butterfly

This is an illustration I drew for a novel series, "The Lost Butterfly". The image features the main character, Fuyuki, holding the butterfly that...

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ETERNAL-Wild Woman

This is an illustration for a Fantasy story I wrote. The title "Wild Woman" is related to the archetype of the woman described in...

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Moon Story-The Farewell

“ My dear Eneys! I had to leave this place. My presence was jeopardizing your true happiness and the peace of your heart. Anyway, my...

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