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I Would Like to Know Virily

It’s been quite some time that I am seeing posts running on my Facebook wall about Virily. Some of my Facebook friends are already here and enjoying the activities. I currently have other online sites where I am working on top of my offline work. That is why I wasn’t given time to check this site earlier.

My eagerness to be in this place has materialized when I finally decided to come and see what’s inside. I was amazed by the creativity and the flow of activities within the site. The concept is something that convinced me to completely sign up and start my activities.

I am only starting yet it seems that I am already loving this place. With all the activities that await me, I am sure that I will enjoy it here. I hope you are also excited to see me around just like I do.

I would love to make more friends and learn more knowledge from the site.

Mabuhay! I am Sharon Lopez from Legazpi City, Philippines. The place where the Majestic Mayon Volcano is located. I live 15 kilometers away from the volcano.


What do you think?

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  1. Hi Sharon. I’m new here– 2 weeks. I’ve seen many friendly writers who I find very accommodating for open discussion, easy to follow (likeable), interesting posts which I can identify with. Thank you for visiting. See you again soon.

  2. Hi Sharon. Welcome to Virily. As you can see, people here are more warm and sociable than on “the other site”. Hehehe. You will love it here.

    I see that you were welcomed by some of my friends already .

    Anyways, blogging here is much easier.

    • I believe they are also sociable. It is just most of them cannot express what they want to say because of the language barrier. Another thing is that the posts are not automatically published. There were even times when I was wondering why some of my posts are not appearing on the homepage. Anyway, I’m happy to be here.

      • Yup. All posts are being reviewed. Usually overnight on weekdays. The admins takes the weekends off.

        They just review the posts for the minimum requirements and probably for offensive words. But they notify you if you need to change something.

        Different types of posts, gets varying virile points from posting to comments. So far, quizzes have the highest value.

  3. We’re happy to welcome you here. As you stay with us here, you will find it more fun and worthy to share your thoughts and ideas for us to talk about and some other activities which are in store here for your to avail of. Again welcome and feel at home.


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