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Introducing Myself

Good evening to all the Virily community. I just thought of introducing myself. I am a 62 (soon to be 63) years old women. My mother tongue is French Canadian and my second language is (guess what) English Canadian. I was a registered nurse for 21 years and then took a voluntary layoff and never went back. I guess I saw too much to go back.

In the picture above is my dear, sweet departed Tasha with my little Runt. They were and still are my best friends.

I am, presently a newbie on Virily but I am also a member of several other writing sites and one academic writing site. I also enjoy doing surveys and short tasks for some few extra dollars. I just finished translating from English to French the book from Erica F. Verrillo entitled “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Treatment Guide 2nd Edition”. The french title is simply « Syndrome de fatigue chronique: guide de traitement, 2ième édition ».

I enjoy and just love to knit, crochet, cross stitch, some needlepoint and tatting. I want also to learn how to do needlelace and I will some day.

My favorite subject is history. That is why my nickname is History Gal. I hope you will enjoy some of my historical posts.

Well, that’s it, that’s all folks for now. Have a good evening and see you soon.


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  1. Hi there! I am a newbie now! I have enjoyed your articles! I found this one by recent share by CarolDM in my Sharing is Caring Challenge! I hope you will join in!

    • Nice to meet you Karen. I will have to check your posts but another day as I am having problem typing due to my left eye cataract. The surgery is postponed indefinitely of course thanks to COVID. You will have probably noticed that I have not been too active here lately. As for your challenge it is a great idea but it will have to wait for me to do it after surgery. Sorry to disappoint you but I am still very pleased to meet you and the fact that you chose little old me is a great booster for my morale. A big thanks for reading, commenting, up voting and sharing…

      • Likewise, I am always happy to discover a new author here with interesting content! I’ll be checking out more of your articles also! I hope your surgery gets scheduled soon and this virus is on its way out!

    • This is a great idea. I will try to do the same but slowly as my eyesight is slightly going downhill. Hope you and family are staying put and safe. Thanks as always for your visit and comment and up vote.

      • i understand the situation and I am so sorry about that.

        Hopefully, this passes and they set up your surgery soon.

        Some of your templar posts have between 800 and 1000 views so I happily got those back out into circulation!!!!!

  2. Hello! I am here because Carol DM sent me to this post. She is amazing and now I have learned that you are amazing as well.

    I had to smile when I saw that you tat. I do as well, and sometimes I just end up with big knots. I need lots more practice. I don’t think I had read your introduction post, I have read many others. It think Carol DM had a great idea, do you?

    • I will have to say thanks to Carole. Her idea was phenomenal from the looks of it. So you tat. I just love that craft. I cannot get enough of it. Thank you so much to you and Carole for your visit and your fantastic comment and up vote.

    • Thank you for dropping in and reading. My poor dog Tasha is no more though. The cat Runt is still going strong and is a little nutcracker. I will definitely return the favor.

    • Happy to meet you too Mohan. Thank you for viewing my very first post and I am happy you enjoyed it. I will surely scour Virily to see your posts.

  3. Sorry about the delay in answering. Thank you for your interest and comment. Yes I am thinking of writing about and showing off some of my craft one of these days…

  4. Nice to know you. I just followed you so thought I would check out some of your previous posts. I speak both English and Latvian. Once I started writing online I just could not stop. My passions are writing, poetry, reading, creative crafts, and music. I have an adopted cat named Sid.

    • Nice to meet you too. I speak French Canadian and English Canadian. All my history posts start with research conducted in French and then I write them in English. My passions are Runt, history, writing, reading, knitting, crochet, cross-stitch, tatting and eventually I will start doing some needle lace.

  5. Awesome intro! Glad to meet you. The people here are really super nice, the admins are very helpful. You should fit right in here. Love your prose. You can tell, you are a story teller. Can’t wait for more.

  6. Thanks very much for that very nice, interesting self-introduction, History Gal 🙂 I am Irish, and live in Ireland, though much of my life has been spent overseas. My favourite subjects are geography, languages and poetry. I’m looking forward to reading your future posts 🙂