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RUIN a Movie or Book Title with just One Letter! (A Challenge for Everyone)

This fun challenge is open to everyone! Ruin the title of a book or movie by changing (or removing/adding) just one letter. The possibilities are endless — your imagination is your only limit ? You can add an image, or you can type a comment. Go for it!

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  1. Reading through all of these made me laugh out loud several times. Very clever these people are. (giggles) Let’s have some more!
    Winnie the Poop (Pooh)
    The Secret Warden ( Garden)
    Hear the Darkness (Take out the t in Heart)
    The Scarlet Wetter (Letter)
    Little Omen (Take out the W in Women)
    The Rat in the Cat (The cat in the hat)

    • Great, every one of them! Here’s a few more that came to me:
      Mootopia (Zootopia)
      Binding Dory (Finding Dory)
      and, wait for it….
      Fantastic BREASTS (Beasts) and where to find them! ( was so pleased with that last one, that I did a pic – see above 🙂

  2. Hilarious! Made me laugh aloud, and what clever friends you have too!

    Mine not so entertaining, but it is after midnight..

    The Little Prance

    A Roof With A View

    The Tile Machine

  3. Hahahaha absolutely brilliant post, I can’t stop laughing at these responses. So sad someone got in there with Forrest Dump before me.

    -Speed 2 Bruise Control
    -The Defarted
    -The Dank Knight