Shazam! movie is currently in pre-production

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The next blockbuster super hero film for D C Entertainment Universe called “Shazam!” instead of his original name Captain Marvel started on Tuesday.

The director of the movie David F. Sandberg who has directed movies like “Lights Out” and “Annabelle: Creation” now faces the challenge of making a movie of the D C comic book super hero who had a television series that starred Michael Gray as Billy Batson and actors Jason Botswick (1974-1975) and John Davey (1975-1976) on the Saturday morning cartoons.

I do not think that the Shazam! movie will be anything like the television series that ran from 1974-1976 will be anything like the television series that at that time taught life lessons to the kids that Shazam saved from trouble in the program. I sure miss those super hero shows.

However Warner Brothers studio selecting a director that specializes in the horror movie genre to direct in my opinion one of the most underrated super hero characters in the D C Universe due to the success of the movie that Sandberg directed which is “Annabelle: Creation” which is currently in theaters now.

I guess Sandberg having a great track record in directing hit movies was the reason Warner Brothers signed him up to direct the Shazam! movie that should be in theaters in North America around April 2019.

The irony of the name Shazam! is that the character shares the same name of Marvel super heroine Captain Marvel who is secretly Carol Danvers but Warner Brothers decided to go with the name Shazam! since Marvel Studios is making a Captain Marvel movie that stars Brie Larson.

Good thing I changed the name of my original character Isthmus Squirrel to Panama Squirrel after I found out that Marvel has a comic book character named Squirrel Girl who unlike my original character does not go by the moniker “The History Nut”.


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