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Kuaci ~ 365 Photos Challenge #120

Do you know about kuaci? Kuaci is a snack of dried and flavored seeds, usually a watermelon seed or sunflower seed. What to eat is very small content. We must break the shell to eat its tiny contents, and we usually have to bite the end of the shell to break it. When we bite the shell, we will feel the flavor. But really, even if you enjoy 1 kilogram of kuaci, you will not feel you have eaten anything because, from that amount, the contents we eat will not be more than 5%.

Then what fork is there for? Hmmm… There is no need for that fork to be there at all. It is merely an accessory to make this image seem strange to those who know or realize it.

If we think carefully, in fact, this peculiarity is something every day in our lives, a weirdness that has become normal and reasonable. Do you believe that?

If we look closely, so many people are prioritizing accessories for their lives rather than to base their life on more principal or essential, to be happy or peaceful, for example. I’m sure you understand what I mean by accessories without having to explain it, is it?

If you curious and eager to participate in this challenge, here are the rules and guidelines to join.


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  1. The first thing I thought about when I saw the photo was: What’s the fork out there? Then I read the article and I cleared it! I was a great amateur of sunflower seeds. Unfortunately I got a lot of weight because of them, so I had to stop eatind them!?

  2. I love sunflower seeds, but have never tried watermelon. I am a pro at breaking them open. : ) You can get shelled ones, but not as fun. Plus I can eat a whole bag in seconds that way. I agree with materialism.

  3. LOL, when I saw the photo I was really thinking, “do they use a fork to eat the seeds?”

    These seeds are actually not as easy to eat as it seems … My mum and I love to eat them when watching TV, but I wasn’t skillful enough and always break the seed and the flesh or end up with the shells in my mouth …

    My mother on the other hand, need just one hand and eat with style …

  4. These look like our black oil striped sunflower seeds I feed the birds! The cardinals and blue jays love them. Great post Albert. Yes, many people define their lives with things, they are so wrong about what life should really be about.