Stop ~ 365 Photos Challenge #115

Saturday night, I with my wife and two daughters went to some places like cafes and a little shopping. Just to enjoy the atmosphere of that long night. On the way home, a motorcycle speeding beside our car but eventually stopped also because of the red light.

I took the photo of the motorcycle at a red light, unfortunately, it was faster than my movement. He has shifted before the camera clicks.

Then what is this picture for? What’s so special? None at all! But hey … Look at the red light stop all the vehicles except those who get a green light turn. Let me ask you a little if you compare the red light with punctuation, period or comma, which one is more appropriate for it?

Whatever it is, a point or a comma, it is stopped. In this life, we need to stop, on one or another thing, once or for all. But it’s not a stop that really stops not continuing something. We stop because we are aware, not all things can continue continuously. We realize that if it goes on then it’s not pretty to be seen. There are many things that should be like that, but some are to be impressed long. We cut off some parts of our struggle with several phases.

Beyond that, if we meditate closely, is there really a true ending point that stops everything? Is death a final point?

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What do you think?


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  1. Interesting post. There are times to stop and contemplate in life, just as we stop for the red traffic lights. I don’t really believe we stop when death arrives, When human lives end its like getting on a train and going somewhere else. Some people get off in this life and arrive as a baby others go on a train to somewhere else.

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