Quote Challenge for three days. The first day – dreems

Yesterday, I was challenged by my Virily friend Kenneth Shumaker to post three quotes for three days. I accepted this challenge with a big pleasure. It’s always good to participate in such general journey which, I believe, not only let us get to know each other better but also unite us as a community.  

In case if you missed Kenneth’s quote challenge posts, here is the first challenge post, the second post, and the third post. 

The hardest part of this challenge is not choosing three quotes, but tagging three other members requesting them to go for quotes challenge. I spent a whole hour searching for members who still have not participated in quote challenge, and who could accept this interesting experience. Finally, I chose three persons and sent them messages. I very hope, they will accept my invitation, but of course, there is a chance they can refuse to do it. Anyway, there are my three tagged Viril friends: 

  • Indexer – a semi-retired librarian whose posts I always enjoy reading as I always find something related to history. I love history. And his quizzes are also great. 
  • Pamela Moresby – a lovely friend who enjoys quotes in her posts but still did not participate in quote challenge. Pamela is an artist, illustrator, and photographer. I always enjoy her great works, and I hope she will accept my invitation. 
  • Ellie925 – my lovely Viril friend whiting about food, healthy living and making great photos. Ellie, quote challenge is waiting for you. 

When I came across Kenneth quote challenge, read it and found my username in the list of other three challenged members, I already knew what about my quotes will be. I will follow my life’s rule: dream – take actions – become successful. 

So, there it is. My first day’s quotes will be related to our dreams. 

Sometimes, each of us falls into a dream world filled with desires, wishes, and aspirations. One fantasy pops up unexpectedly, the other is long maturing in our imagination. Desires in some way are different from our dreams. They are more specific, less romantic and usually fulfilled. Our desires can improve life but also can damage it. Dreams are different. They are reminiscent of stars because they bring happiness, even inaccessible. Maybe you will never see how small light falls from the sky, but you know that this can happen and you will wait for it every night. Let your wishes be good, and your dreams are bright, big, up to heaven. 

Dreaming is the transfer of thought, an idea to the real world. Every desire is not fulfilled because in our mind there is chaos. There we want one thing, then another thing… The dreams are fulfilled if you give more energy, power, and strength – more attention. You should longer dream about what matters most. 

This is our life, not others. We must do only what we like most and do it often as we can. And if we do not like something, we have to change it. Life is simple and it gives us many possibilities. grab them as some of the possibilities are given only once. Life is too short, that is why we must live our dream and share with others what we like best.

The dreams are like a compass that indicates which way to go. Both spiritual and material dreams reveal the hidden desires of the subconscious. You must first make your fantasies a goal of life. Of course, each dream is a mix of desires, fantasies, and experiences, each is important in own way. Let your smaller dreams be the stairs getting you closer to the fulfillment of the biggest dream.

Everything that man created, discovered, invented, first born in dreams – in human minds. Only in fairy tales, we can go “there, do not know where”. In real life, in order to achieve a specific goal, we need to know a particular direction, and a concrete, clearly and precisely formulated desire, a dream. So, start with self-analysis – what you really want? It is worth believing – dreams come true of you very, very wish. 

Make efforts for your dreams, do not let others change them and never give up. It’s never easy to do what’s worth the effort. So, take all your power and strength and move towards the dream. Do not stop believing and be aware that all dreams can become a reality. The key is not to stop seeking what you dream about.

Often people are afraid to pursue their dreams. Sometimes they do not even dare to dream because they do not believe it can be fulfilled, so in order not to feel disappointed they are happy with their life. This process can be called the inability to leave the comfort zone. But it is precisely the leaving of the comfort zone is the cornerstone of achieving something to fulfill your dreams.

Someone said that the big journey starts from the first step. So, in my opinion, the mere perception, the recognition that you want something more from life, the desire to change something, the desire to have something that you have now is not only the first step but already half of the work towards your dream.

I wish you big dreams, desires without borders. And most importantly, believe your dreams.


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