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Do not delay

We hide within ourselves such fragments of personality that the world does not know about. We leave them to special people. Also the moments we experience. All our experience. Our stories … Sometimes we need to tell everything to someone. All our life. To open wide our hearts and souls. Liberate the mind. Make a crosswind of words, let it carry our stories.

Let the words lie in the hearts of others in complete safety, telling us who we were, who we are, and what we dreamed of being. Telling what we broke and what we achieved. About insignificant things and about very important ones. About what is bad and about love. About faded hopes and about audacious confidence that our tomorrow will surely come.

I used to be a collector of memories. Now I touch the present with admiration. I capture every beautiful moment without thinking “what if …”. Without considering the future. I have reached a stage in my life where I value every happy moment as a gift from the world.

You know, I think moments like that are pearls. The most valuable are those that have appeared in suffering. They brought a little joyful light into my world.

I do not delay. I don’t delay life for special occasions. I don’t put myself and my desires on the shelf. I do not delay dreams because they may not come true. I don’t delay people. Because they can go out.

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