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And suddenly all the holidays were gone. Both so much anticipated Christmas and planned New Year. Greetings to everyone are sent, giveaways, gifts unpacked, festive tables are cleaned and look so empty, and even on television, we do see neither Christmas and New Year advertisements or songs.

And I realized once again that waiting is often more real, better, and joyful than what we get. The Christmas mood and the anticipation of the holidays, which have been faithfully accompanying me since November, have escaped somewhere on Christmas Eve, have dissipated, left me alone and lost… sad. It left me with the pledges of next year not to expect anything because then even a little something will bring great joy.

But those promises… So small and big and all insanely fragile. Dreams, sometimes looking so close, but still only dreams. For something difficult to comprehend, meaningless “but” or “because”.

Therefore, I wish very sincerely – I wish you and I wish myself – that those promises, goals set or dreams come true this year. That each man succeeds in keeping at least one promise he has made. To achieve at least one goal. To make at least one little dream come true.

And that from this moment on – yes, from now on – we would begin to believe that anything is possible.I can. And you can.More optimism!And smile, smile, smileAnd believe.

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