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I have been Challenged to post quotes, by a friend, here is part one.

Challenge accepted:

Good-day, Kenneth from InUPress here. Recently I was challenged by my blogger friend on Virily to a posting challenge. The challenge is to post three relevant quotes each day for three days. The challenge also includes tagging three other bloggers each day for two days to follow with posting quotes also.

I’m bad … I have tonnes of quotes sitting around. Some are identified or signed, some not. I also have 257 followers currently, and I’m following 255 of you. Who have I missed? So, I have some choices to make when I accepted this challenge.

I thought hard about my choices of bloggers, I decided to make the invitations a mixture. Some are fresher or new posters and some prolific bloggers. I’m also mixing my choices of newer followers with older followers.

I must confess though, I’ve been part of various blogging and posting communities for many years. I’ve never had the level of engagement before, such as I have had here on Virily. Like I have from you our readers and bloggers, right up to the editors who approve our work and do the customer service work. I send my kudos to every one of you. I am greatly enjoying this community. You made my choices tough. I so want to tag the editors to the post challenge, but they’re very busy, so that might be unfair … right, Natalie … Branka?

So, to confirm the first order of business, let me tell you who tagged me. The person who tagged me was my good messaging and prolific comments friend, Albert H Widjojo from right here on Virily. He is a bright and resourceful man who is an awesome creator and artist. I sort of consider him as my mentor. You must go and see his work and his posts, you’ll be inspired, if not at least engaged.

To be following this with my first responsibility, I joyfully tag these three awesome fellow bloggers in surprise tags. I’ve already sent them direct messages today, too. They have full rights to decline if they’re too busy.

  • Inez Edwards – a relatively new blogging poster, with having, the last time I viewed her posts, had 11 posts published on Virily.
  • Bridgetart – an awesome publisher with 16 posts the last time I looked.
  • CretanTransfers – who was one of my first followers, who I then immediately added to my following list, they have a good, but short backlist of 20 published posts.

Now moving on to my ‘Day One’ quotes from me, in response to the posting challenge set by Albert H Widjojo which has been set in November 2017.

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My first quote is from, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer who says, “Go the extra mileit’s never crowded!

I live by this motto as it is so true. As I find so many people give up when things get tough, preferring to stay with the crowd, taking the easy route and not pursue their goals. Especially when things get difficult, or they fail – and fall down. So few actually get back up to try for their goal again in a different iteration.

Some who get back up, try to repeat their efforts, in exactly the same way, then don’t understand why they failed again – to give up. Why do they call this ‘Destiny?

Those who understand the concepts of struggles and failures, go through with persevering using different iterations of actions. These people reach the extra mile where it isn’t crowded, usually ending up enjoying the rewards of success.

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My second quote is “Men are from MarWomen are from VenusComputers are from Hell!” from an anonymous source.

I laugh when I read this. I have it as a plaque on my business’ office wall for my customers to see, as it is one of my favourites. I use computers daily as a user for computer administration and research, and with, publishing, as an author, and as a repair tech. I completely understand my customer’s frustrations with their computers, totally understanding this quote.

From my point of view, the computers are called personal computers for a reason. I found back in the seventy’s when I first started with soldering parts onto breadboards, the technology was so varied and changing so much that developers never standardized hardware in any agreement.

As time went on the changes in hardware technology were so rapid that no standard model developed. So many variations in end-user demands caused such varied hardware configurations no ‘Standard’ computer was built. The varied demands by end-users created a need for a ‘personal computers’ allowing for unique variations of hardware configurations.

Now add into this hardware hell, the software melee that developed around end-user desires. We find that sometimes an app or software program will work fine on one device, but can cause critical device failures on a different device if it simply just doesn’t work as intended.

With there being no agreed-upon architecture standard of hardware and software, I agree with why this quote came about from users of personal computers.

Then my third quote is “Today be blessed, be strong, be beautifulbe youBelieve!” this quote is also on a plaque which I have, and which is signed anonymously.

I choose this quote because this weekend is our neighbours to the south, Thanksgiving weekend, and they tend to bludgeon us here in Canada with their celebrations.

I have this quote on a standing plaque which is sitting on the windowsill of our kitchen. I found it and purchased it as a gift for my wife on our tenth wedding anniversary for my wife and myself.

I think the sentiments are appropriate for our southern neighbours this weekend too.

Oh heck, let’s all … Believe in ourselves!

This is the end of ‘Day One’ of the quote challenge written by, Kenneth Shumaker with Inevitable Unicorn Press from Rusty’s Den. Written on November 24th, 2017.


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  1. My apology if I read this first post even the last turn, after the second and third. Whatever the reason, I have been negligent. Thank you for responding to the challenge very well. Your starting point is very interesting with quotes from Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. which allows unlimited explorations or adventures, accompanied by Believe as the third quotes. Packed well and professionally, this post deserves to be a reference. Great post, Ken.


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