Dreams can change you

I was different in the daytime…

I had to make an effort to be a good girl: to learn good, to look good, to talk well. And I still knew that I will be able not everything – there will always be people who will not like me, not all of them will respect me.

But at night, I could do more than I could have imagined: like Supergirl, I flew over the city, fighting bad guys with the bare hands, saving people out of the crumbling home, and they were staring at me with grateful eyes. Numerous stories flew before my eyes, each night I came up with a different story…

And when the other kids were crying propelled to their beds, I waited for the night to become what I wanted: strong and light.

Now I know that not the night changed me, but my dreams. If you still have them, you will be light and strong. You can still save your world, you can still close your eyes and fly.

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