Quote challenge. Second day – take actions and never give up

It’s the second day of my quote challenge. I was nominated to go through this challenge by Kenneth Shumacher, a Virily friend, and great talented writer. You can check his posts here.

As I mentioned in first my challenge’s post, it is not easy to find other three Virily friends who would agree to participate in quote challenge.  Anyway, I spent some time going through my subscribers’ list and finally decided to nominate three Virily members, who are active members in Virily but still not participated in quote challenge:

  • Gary J Sibio – my Virily friend who writes interesting stories, shoot nice photos and create amazing quizzes.
  • Lacho59 – my Virily friend from Torrevieja Spain, a great photographer who carries on the camera always with herself so we can enjoy her new photos almost daily.
  • Ali Shehzad – a great creator of interesting polls and quizzes, great writer. I hope he will accept my nomination for quote challenge and make us happy to read his chosen quotes.

My three quotes for today is about taking action and never giving up.

FIRST: Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. -Joel A. Barker. 

What needs to be done to realize your dreams and desires as soon as possible? Is there any magic formula or spells? Of course, there are very easy and effective instructions, and if you follow them, sooner or later, the wishes will be fulfilled. The only thing that needs to be done is the patient, continuous and systematic process – your actions towards the dreams.

You can dream of anything but if you just dream and do nothing, your dream will stay just an empty. dream. Although very slowly, it is important to progress, not stop moving forward! Each of our actions leads closer or distance us to our goal. If everyday work is not related to our desires, how can we ensure that we create the kind of life we dream about? Actions that help bring your dreams closer to your dream, must be on your daily agenda.

SECOND: The future depends on what you do today. – Mahatma Gandhi

Do not wait for anything and do not delay. The best time to take action towards your dream is just now! You want your wishes to come true? I am sure that by acting patiently and consistently, you will get such amazing results as you did not even dream about. Make a little step every day, and every single day you will be closer to your dream.

Do you have a dream, wear it in your head? Move it to action, start implementing it. Do you have a goal you want to achieve, but do not do anything? Move it to action and start pursuing it. You are jealous of others have what you have not? Move jealousy into action, start seeking what you are jealous of. Do you want something? Transfer the desire to take action and start pursuing it. Anything you do not like? Move it to action and take it to change. Anyone interfering? Move it to actions that will remove the barrier.  Are you missing something? Move it to action to get it. And so on and so on… Just do it, do something to achieve what you want. Do consistently, do every day.

THIRD: Never stop trying. Never stop believing. Never give up. Your day will come. – Mandy Hale

From the time immemorial, success smiles to those who despite the external circumstances and difficulties regardless of the surrounding opinions and judgments, courageously pursue their goals, those who are not afraid to be themselves and be different than the mass, who have patience to wait for the right moment, and never ceased to believe that they would succeed.

And at the end, I want to say: Do not become obsessed with your dream. The goal is not the point you go to, but the path that leads you there. Do not delay your happiness at the moment when desire will be fulfilled because you can be happy already now. You’re already looking for your dreams and it’s wonderful. Let’s have desires, dreams, but seeking the purpose, do not forget to just live and enjoy every moment that life gives to you.


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