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Mangrovetum Walk: UNPLANNED – 365 Photos Challenge#2

Spontaneity is what defines my life with the 3 amazing women (one of them is my sister and two are my first cousins) I live with for the last 10 years. See here, I was a very workaholic person and a stickler to deadlines. My life, back then, was ruled by schedules, goals and strict discipline. When you are juggling dozens of duties and responsibilities, you just got to have a plan or everything else will fall apart.

That was then, of course. When I decided to live with these women, I had to peel off my routine one by one. One of those things is to get used to spontaneous plans. If a breeze of cool air hits them and they decided that it is a good day to go beaching, then they would right away prepare and cook what we need, talk to a boatman and off we go to some island.

In this particular day, they decided that since we were not satisfied with the buffet lunch we had in a restaurant and it is too early to drive back home, a side trip to this MANGROVETUM WALK is the next best thing. This place is a nice area if one wants to stroll with his/her dog or just to walk along the mangrove line and the beach area nearby…or to watch the sunset. But it was too early in the afternoon for any sunset so we only enjoyed the cool breeze while watching people. I clicked some shots because I knew I will be using it for this challenge.

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