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Food is Heaven on Earth – 365 Photos Challenge #1

365 Photos Challenge is an interactive activity for Virily writers initiated by @artbytes26 in order to encourage the community members to post on the site at least once a day. For the mechanics, please click here.

Now, I did not write for Virily until November 27th (because what happened in Niume still lingered in my mind). The reason I have a profile here was mainly to read and comment on the works of my friends, @docandersen and @della. Hence, I was gladly surprised when on November 24th while reading one of Doc Andersen’s write-up, I saw that I am actually one of the nominees he chose along with fellow Niumer, Pamela Moresby and Gary J. Sibio. Well, I will not disappoint him by not participating. So, after months of delaying, and thank you to Doc’s push-and-nudge I finally started writing in the community.

In case you are interested to know Doc’s first entry to the challenge, follow this link.

For my own Photo Challenge #1, I picked the one thing I cannot live without – FOOD! And aptly call it “Food is Heaven on Earth”…Why? Tell me why not. The photo featured here consisted of sweets and snacks we bought from the City of Smile, Bacolod City, Philippines. I have a sweet tooth which I indulge. I will have second thoughts shopping for clothes, bags or shoes but I hardly hesitate paying when it comes to food. Money will always magically transform and be available in my wallet where food is concerned, according to my cousins and sisters.

Since I am new in Virily and have yet to spend time to socialize, I would only nominate @inspure whom I happen to bumped into over at Doc’s. I am still looking for two more people to nominate, please bear with me.

See yah next! #365_Photos_Challenge


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    • Many of your posts are about food and still you are hungry??? OMG! I would suppose you are munching on those delicious brownies while you are writing its poll hahaha we, mortal readers, only have to salivate while staring at its picture…that is not fair, lovely lady.


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