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The Coming Of Sustenance ~ 365 Photos Challenge #90

Around January to March is the time for rambutan trees to bear fruit. This afternoon, we got some bunch of special rambutan fruit. What I mean by special is how we get the fruit.

This afternoon, an unknown old woman came to the house. She was looking for our eldest daughter. According to my wife who welcomes her, she looks for Ika. Instantly my wife understood that the person she meant was Chandrika, our eldest daughter who was often also called Rika by those who had little difficulty to call name her properly. When my wife said that Chandrika was not around and asked what she meant by looking for our daughter, she said that she just wanted to give a little rambutan fruit for our daughter. After talking for a while with my wife, the woman excused herself and left.

Our eldest daughter is a very friendly girl. In general, she always greets people she sees, passes each other or with her for a while at any place. Whenever he was with a few people, they would soon laugh out loud at her words. The second thing, they will soon ask a lot about themselves because spontaneously Chandrika often naively say something about them that concerns several things, such as relationships, fortune etc. because Chandrika is indigo.

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    • Thanks, Elenka. I think this fruit is rarely found in other countries, but as I recall Ellie had once mentioned this fruit in one of her quizzes. I am very glad for the uniqueness of Chandrika; all the advantages VS the number of phobias she has. About hospitality, my wife is very friendly, but Chandrika outperformed her.

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