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Miracles ~ 365 Photos Challenge #106

Have you ever expected a miracle in your life? Have you ever experienced it?

How impressed you are with the miraculous phenomenon, whether it’s just something you see from a movie or do you really experience it?

Of course the miracle I mean is the weirdness or peculiarity that occurs in our surroundings both occur in animals, plants, universes or in humans who usually make ourselves amazed at the occurrence of it.

Beyond all our fragile ways of looking, seeing or experiencing miracles is one of our greatest fortunes. Indeed, wealth can have different meanings for everyone, although in general agreement wealth means ownership of property, in truth, wealth is something special for those who realize it. You or I may think our latest and most expensive mobile phone is special but not for our baby children. Just as a goat does not see the privilege of the human scriptures, or how humans are generally incapable of seeing the privilege of the suffering of life chosen by celibate priests, other Sufis or mystics. So does a miracle, something we can see or experience if we realize it.

If we want to see miracles, truthfully the magic happens all the time around us, both on very trivial and ordinary things, or on rare or unprecedented occasions. Then how to see the miracle of it all? Is it possible?

Of course! The “easiest” way is to restore your point of view to the pure perspective of a little child who doesnot use any filters. It can be done by always trying to see everything without judgment, without any measuring instrument.

To be able to see, to realize, or to gain even greater miracles, we need to conditioning ourselves so well that we are always ready and alert to bring, receive, or welcome certain energies, call it as positive energy if you more familiar with the term, from the extraordinary universe and amaze us, which under certain circumstances can become a source of inspiration or even a solution to the problem we are facing, or is the answer to our prayers so far.

Imagine if we can gain such luck when we succeed in attracting positive energy that is manifested as a positive event.

If you curious and eager to participate in this challenge, here are the rules and guidelines to join.


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  1. I have been lucky enough to witness countless miracles. Whether it was in my own life or not. I am lucky to still be alive today and I can only thank our Creator for that. Our brains in itself is a miracle as no-one can completely explain how it works and all that goes with it up to today.

  2. Miracle is when I see a delicious food served in front of me! Imagine how certain people labor for hours in the kitchen just to produce it! And it is an even more amazing miracle when humans served with that food devour that labor of love in less than 10 minutes!


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