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It’s Raining Again ~ 365 Photos Challenge #102

Sunday afternoon, it rained again, until evening. I smile. It will still happen again for the next few days until summer comes.

Sitting and looking at the drops of rain falling on the rocks, in the soil, in the leaves, in the puddles is a delightful pleasure. Drunk in natural compositions, in musical orchestras and rain dances; thunder, wind, water drops everywhere, and whispering leaves…

I’m drowning in a wonderful divine orchestra!

I joined in dancing

in a crazy drunk

inside and outside

I’m wet, fresh

inside and outside

happy in peace

peace in happiness.

If occasionally

Creedence Clearwater Revival asked:

“Have You Ever Seen The Rain?”

I said; This time, again and again!

When Supertramp sang It’s Raining Again

“Come on, you little fighter

And get back up again! “

I said; I’m dancing and don’t lose anything!

If Guns N ‘Roses tells a story

about November Rain

Do you need some time on your own?

I said; This time, again and again!

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  1. I’m drowning in a wonderful divine orchestra! How well the rain is expressed.
    The night crosses my city far, the squares are breathing from the mist, oh, I waited for the spring rain, washed the windows and the souls.

    Warm rain, wailing rain, splashing in a moment and fading away. How the world suddenly became more beautiful and white.
    Sylvia Katsarova Warm Rain

    A beautiful Bulgarian song


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