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365 Photos Challenge Day 9

Day 9 and 356 photos more to go but looks like I am surviving the challenge so far, hence, I guess, I am doing just great. How have you been lately, everyone? I hope the upcoming holidays will not bring you the usual stress.

In today’s entry – MUSIC and the WRITER’S BLOCK, I feature the CD “Eyes in Other Worlds” which contains poetry by ADI DA SAMRAJ, World Teacher, that were turn into music by His daughter, Namleela Free Jones. It was, together with three books, gifted to me by my friend, Andrew, for my dharma.

Why this particular thing of all things? Why not? Listening to it – and singing along (God bless my neighbor for having a good heart and not complaining about my noise) – allowed my creative juice to flow back once again. I had been a little distracted and not my 100% and my writing and practice were suffering. However, a peaceful Sunday with this CD somehow returned my balance and voila, I was able to collect my thoughts and actually write a decent piece!

You may or you may not have heard of ADI DA SAMRAJ. If you heard about Him, you may or you may not find Him your cup of tea. Most of my life, I cling to a simple credo: “Look at the message and not at the messenger.” In that sense, I can listen to His Teachings without being bothered by whatever good or bad press I have read about Him.

This is something which Osho wrote…it should have been a part of my article about living in the moment and being love but Virily has 7200-character-limit and so I had to edit it out. Still, let me share it with you as this is relevant to what I am talking about. He said:

All you are trying to do with your morality and values is to simplify life and find some order in a place where you are not able to figure out what is the beginning, what is the end. The life process seems to be so chaotic and unbearable for you that you are trying to bring some silly sense of order by establishing your own principles, your own morality, and your own ethics. If you bring your own silly sense of order to life, you will completely miss the magnificent order of the existence. There is no need to be orderly. Existence is in perfect order.”

I am not forgetting that Osho is being criticized as fake guru by many people. Everytime I see his face in my FB newsfeed, I remember the Rolls Royce, the bio-terrorism attack, his many conflicts with authorities. Do I care? Not at all. Despite these issues, if one will understand the sensible things that he talks about, one will find wisdom in it. He could be a thief for all I care. How I apply his wisdom to my own life is all up to me. I do not need to be a thief in order to observe and absorb good teaching. That conclusion applies in so far as my following ADI DA’s Teachings is concerned.

Heaven knows my family does not understand the “why” of it – but, boy, am I glad and lucky that they accept my choice of path notwithstanding the fact that it does not run in harmony with theirs. Then again, it might be because they are used to my stubbornness and unconventionalities that this particular choice no longer comes as a HUGE surprise. Live and let live. What can I say?

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In God we trust…all else we virus-scan. I hope you are having a good start of the week.


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    • I will go for the fortunately although that means it is unfortunate for my own mother who draw the lot of having me. I hope you have daughters who are angels coz that would be less headache. I just want to say that I have a feeling Osho did not have a personal hand on some on the issues. Sometimes when fanaticism prevails over devotion, some people resort to extreme solution. I am not an Osho follower. I picked wisdom from him. That has been my practice – gather the good and move on. But I have reason to stay with ADI DA for now. There is an appropriate teacher for every human – I need someone who can kick my ass and ram the teaching on my throat. Hahaha!

      • I am fortunate to have a family that understands my path. Even my wife and I have traveled this lonely road together. My two girls without being asked also slowly adjusted to our way. During this time I have also read the writings of the Masters that I use as a comparison or alignment from my own experience or adventure by the guidance of the true teacher inside there. About the fanatics, hmmm… I think it’s a lesson they take from schools they deserve and are possible for them to choose before they’re born…

        • The two girls are lucky that they are being exposed to it at an early age. I wish I started earlier. But as they say the teacher appears only when the student is ready. There is a true teacher inside yet, untapped, it will exist there without us noticing it because of ego activity. I read Sri Ramana, Nisargadatta and now, Adi Da. But I gather many wisdom from people I meet also. My rising sun is in Gemini – I am inclined to learning and sharing. As to my family, their acceptance is more than enough for me. I never asked them to share my choice but as is usual with me I openly talk about it when they are willing to listen.

    • Thanks Doc. And for that reason I am quite sure you did not copy-paste any comment you ever made. Hahahaha! That article of yours is still making me shake my head. Lol! But you did good by tackling the sorting out problems of Virily notifs. It takes a loooooooot of time.

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