365 Photos Challenge – Day8

I am, to say the least, starting to run out of ideas for this challenge. You see, I am a hermit who rarely go out of the house unless I have business errands to do (that lessens my chance to capture interesting stuff unless you find floor mops and brooms to your liking). Yep, I know, that sounds queer because, after all, I had been to several places abroad as well as in and around the country. But, in any city or town where I actually live, I barely know people. A certain eccentricity of mine. I am that way since I was little.

I was raised in a small coastal village where people know everyone and the elders are treated with respect (at least, that is how it was in my younger days). It is customary to kiss the hands of old people if you see them. I was a shy kid and I found this tradition really bothersome. See, sometimes when I went out of the house and I saw a group of old folks, then I had to kiss their hands – each and every one who was present must not be missed. I mean, I dunno, because I was not even familiar with all of them but still good old mores dictate that I should do so. I was an odd kid too who disliked (still do as an adult, unfortunately) conformity. So, what I always did is to bow my head so low that I can only see the grounds I am walking on and pretend I am alone. You cannot just do that in a small village without people noticing – and talking. Whenever Sunday came, someone will report to my mom about my “bad” attitude and, of course, I received the much-needed homily aside from the one given by the priest during the mass.

I am, I submit, a difficult daughter to have. Absolutely stubborn, I stood (and unluckily, that applies in present tense as well) my ground regardless if it costs me countless homilies (spanks, even, lol). My mom is a disciplinarian. Nonetheless, I guess, heaven sent her a match (bless all moms for their courage). She used to tell me: “One day, when you become a mother yourself, you will understand me better.” Smart-mouth I was (still am), I would retort: “Save it, mama. I will not marry therefore I will not have a kid and hence I will not understand.” Yeah. I always believe I can outsmart fate even at that age. I am a fool, what can I say. I made good grades in school, by the way. No, I was not a black sheep. Just a difficult, odd one.

Well, you got me nostalgic and only because I run out of ideas. But, thanks to my friend, Della, she gave me an idea for my Day-8. Sooooooo…., the photo I have today showed some of my reading stash. These are all gifts from family and friends who know that one can never go wrong if he/she sends me a book (book or e-book, old or new, do not matter as long as the pages are intact and complete – appreciated with all my heart) on any occasion. Just.Not.Romance.Paperbacks.Okay? (Oh, I read the Twilight series and some of John Green’s but…and please, no Danielle Steele for me because I hate tearing up when I’m reading –  it blurs the words and prevents me from reading).

Ha! I am on 8th and 357 (last time, I wrote 359 when I meant 358…perhaps sleepy when I did) more to go. If you like to check out the older ones, here are the magic links:

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You wouldn’t like to miss @docandersen’s entry on Day-8, would you?

And well, I found my 3rd nominee for this challenge – @janelledelacruz. Of course, it is not a requirement to be nominated, just pick up the challenge if it catches your fancy to do so. Just make certain to read the guidelines here.

As always, all my love. Be happy. Be enLightened. Because, God knows, there are enough troubles and hate in this world. Let us refrain from adding to that.


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    • I talk a lot like Doc Andersen hahaha I dunno I am like that. I like talking about family and friends in general. Yeah, poor mother. Then again, I can say the same about Mrs. Andersen. Hahaha. Now I’m kidding. Please do not mind that. Carol is used to me saying shenanigans that most of the times I no longer explain.

    • I love Dan Brown although his Da Vinci Code did not impress me because I read a book prior to that called “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” that is more credible than Mr. Brown’s version. It is in that collection. The last one of the right side. It belongs to my late uncle. It is a book I heard of being discussed (it is documentary type) as a kid. And then I found it in his stash and took it.

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