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365 Photos Challenge Day 7

If someone offers you ten million dollars in exchange for the memories stored in your brain, would you trade it? Would you let go of all those remembered moments of your triumphs and struggles, of your loved ones, of every little thing that reminds you of your existence in this world? It is a lot of money. Maybe you can establish a new person, a new identity in a new place. But, would you be happy without any memory of what once you were…whom you were with…how and where you once lived your life?

I guess, it is a TOUGH question to consider despite that much amount of money. Memories are simply priceless that we hold on to many of them for the rest of our lives. A memory of love. A memory of success. A memory of joy. A memory of places and people.

Why am I going down this lane? Well, my Day-7 photo has something to do with memory. This mug reminded me of the first travel I made outside the country. We went to a cruise covering Penang, Malaysia and Phuket and Krabi in Thailand. That was in 2012. I was with the three witches (uhm, if you missed that part, that refers to my sister and two cousins), two kids (my niece and nephew) and their mom and dad. It was a memorable trip not only because it was the first; but also because, while we were in Phuket, we were suddenly evacuated to high area due to tsunami alert. Imagine being on a holiday and suddenly finding yourself in such chaos! There was a feeling of both fear and peace –a paradox. Fear because we might actually die in a tragedy…and peace because the family were together and it is likely we will all go down together. Not a bad thought if one sees it that way. Seriously. I mean, if you are actually with your loved ones, you just do not care whatever happens.

One thing, though, we were impressed by the way the people in Thailand carry out the evacuation. It was in an organized fashion. The crowd simply went with the flow without complaint.

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365 day photo challenge day 7

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Adieu for now…see yah in the next frame. Be light at heart. Be happy. Because, duh, life is a gift.


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  1. Choice and memory. We’ve even made choices before we were born, and that choice is something has brought us here today. Unfortunately, we forget about it (and all the truths that fill and cover it) once we are born. We are dying once we are born. All memories are blurred and lost from our conscious mind, but not our subconscious. Namaste

    • Unfortunately, once dead we will remember everything. I have been thinking if I should touch on that subject. I have been writing a series about life and death for the understanding of my family (as I express myself better and clearer in writing). At the end of it, I meant to write a piece of my last wishes. But I also freely share my thoughts to whoever will be interested to listen. There are actually more people who listen and understand than people who don’t. Too, I am only a student of life and my writing about it sort out the clutter in my mind. It put texts I studied in better perspective. It is a therapeutic thing for me. Added to that, I meet many people who are suffering from anxiety and depression and suicidal thoughts. Hence, I put emphasis on the futility of unnatural death hoping it will help them understand. I am not teaching in any way as I am no teacher. A blind cannot lead another blind. Mainly, I only share.

      • You and I are students from the same university. What we do through this medium is actually just one of the subjects we take, and it’s like a lesson to sharpen a sword or a saw. Can you imagine how much time and energy do we waste and how tired we are to cut wood with swords or blunt saws? Wow… Another of our commonalities, meeting with many people, from before and after I became a consultant and facilitator, as a person or as a professional. I am glad that now I have a soul sister to share this kind of story in Virily. Yipppieee…

  2. There is a great essay I don’t recall the author, in which the author asks another version of the same question. BUt selective, if to survive you had to give up some part of your brain would you want to know what you were losing up front? Say 1/10 of your memories gone forever. WOuld you want to know….

    • Memories, good or bad, made us the person we are right now. I would like losing them in the natural way of old age or natural elimination process done by the brain itself (I have generally good memory that my former bosses tend to rely on my account…but ask me the color of the thing you wore yesterday and I am like, “duh”). Going back to your question, I say, I will cross the bridge when I get there lol! But if the question of survival concerns a loved one, I guess, I will give up one-tenth of the memory even the best ones.

    • Oh, the girls in that photo are my two cousins, Rose and Jen. My sister, who is camera-shy, was the one taking the shot. And we smile a lot especially, and only especially, when there is food in front of us (we are eating fried ice cream in that one). It is another matter if we are hungry though ahahaha


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