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365 Photos Challenge #5

According to Dieter F. Uchtdorf, a German aviator and religious leader in Latter Day Saints, “The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul…”

Oh, heck, this must be the reason why the current world population is at approximately 7.6 billion people! The desire of humans to perpetuate creation of new humans. Tsk. This trend is alarming because as we all know the earth does not manufacture lands – and with industrialization eating up the forests, then it means shrinking resources for mankind.

But before you react to that statement, let me tell you I am only kidding in that part about humans creating humans. My subject for my Day-5 actually is about creativity. Some people are gifted with talent to turn their ideas into tangible things. The furniture in this photo are designed by my sister. She is a civil engineer but never worked as such. Instead, she makes her living out of the things that her hands can create.

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Yet, why be content in checking out someone else’s work? Come now and join the fun! Just check the guidelines in this link 365 Photo contest day 1.

Live. Laugh. Love. Life is short for anything else.


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    • I knowwww…didn’t I mention that up there? But what can we do? I wrote something about responsible parenting that touched on this issue but apparently not many peeps share my view. Maybe we should kidnap humans and re-engineer their DNA ??? but, forget it, it would entail logistics that we don’t have ?

        • Yeah — like pretend you are injecting them with vaccine. Science is not cold ?. But there is a better way — all it takes is educating people from young age about responsible parenthood and the rights of the children and the unborn. That is the ethical way of doing it — not thru science ?

        • Education is the simple solution. However, factor in greed and other human frailties, then this simple solution will be fraught with so much complication it would end up like a legalistic lingo where you can find a lot of whereas and therefore clauses. I used to write legal contracts/agreements and I know how to put loophole in a provision to make it advantageous for my boss.

    • She has, yes. She dabbles in designing jewelries (no formal training, purely interest), cooking (I sent her to a culinary school as we initially wanted a resto business) and baking (that one is her constant source of travel funds).

    • The cats in the house, of which nothing is actually owned by us but just the same they stay, find them comfortable especially if you happen to leave some clothes or rags on top of it. Lol! These are used rarely except by the cats because the girls normally do gardening works in the adjoining area and I am more fond of sitting outside to stare up at the moon. The furniture are prototype – my sister only produce when there is an order, otherwise she is busy baking as cakes are easier to sell haha.