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Supermoon – 365 Photos Challenge #3

THE SUPERMOON or, if you want to be more specific about it, the FULL COLD MOON was so-called by the native people of North America because of the cold winter nights that become long and dark at this period.

I am a moon lover and therefore it is no surprise that I chose it as my subject for my Day 3 in the 365 Photos Challenge. This picture was taken at past midnight last night when the world was quiet and I had a view of a clear sky and the moon was full and bright that there was a rainbow-like ring around it (a pity that my phone’s camera isn’t that good to capture the true beauty of it). Have you ever stared at it long enough that you seem to see it is moving up there? I often fancy flying on a broomstick on such nights! The infinity of the space and the quiet of the dead night just take my breath away.

Let me share with you an old poem I wrote:

Out in the open I was

Staring up – the Full Cold Moon

Bright and beautiful in the sky

With wide halo-like ring ‘round it

It was up there…majestic

Far and out of reach

Mesmerized I was

In trance – lost completely

The timelessness, the infinite space

The silence, the peace enveloped me

Spellbound I was

Seconds turn to minute

Minutes turn to hour

But up I was – wide awake

Lady Moon bewitched me

Absolutely out of space!

Oh well, if you want you can also check out my Day 1 and my Day 2 of the 365 Photo Challenge.

Of course, the one person I am grateful for is Scott “Doc” Andersen who nominated me to be in this challenge and thus, inadvertently started my Virily writing. That, I believe, was the hand of fate. Doc, Adel Massyn and our friend, Carol Taylor, an English lady who retired and lives in beautiful Thailand, will always be, in my heart, the gems that will forever remind of Niume. It was there I first tried my hand on writing.

Now, if you want to see what Doc had for his Day 3, click here and you shall find it.

And, last but not the least, if you are new here and would like to participate in this activity, you can read the mechanics here. This is brought to you by @artbytes26. Ranked as Supernova, it was through his initiative that we are enjoying this interactive challenge in Virily.

So, 362 photos more to go for me…and to you reading this, I wish you good luck and heartfelt enjoyment in clicking that cam away.

Be happy. Be en-Lightened. Life is beautiful. Life is a gift.


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  1. When you made me aware of the Supermoon I actually wanted to go take a photo but forgot lol. Great photo, my friend. And I love your poem!!