Barry Gibb, The Jive Talking Bridge…

Barry Gibb, of the legendary Bee Gees, is the sole survivor of the group and is being interviewed by an Australian journalist, Rahni Sadler, . I like music and spend much of my waking moments listening to music. In the process, one watches some legendary artists but, sadly, so few are of really great quality. 

This particular interview is not such a mediocre interview, the contents have extra appeal to me as when my brothers and sister walked out on me, it was at a time of disagreement in each case. I have lost contact with them completely and so it is with memories of better times, I was viewing this interview. Perhaps you have lost someone through disagreement and are watching this, I take comfort in Barry’s closing words where, among other things, he also says: “I’m the last man standing.” which you’ll need to find towards the end of this remarkable interview.

  • Was the interview great or what?

    • Yes


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