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365 Photos Challenge #4

“Money is number and numbers never end. If it takes money to be happy, your search for happiness will never end.” Those are wise words from Robert “Bob” Nesta Marley in case you are not familiar with it.

I am not rich. I will never be rich. With my attitude and relationship towards money, being rich will be far out of reach and an absolute impossibility. I will talk about that some time in a different article. My only point in mentioning that is because of my featured photo in Day-4 of my 365-Photo Challenge. See? I will never run out of money. It has been my habit to collect bills and coins from my travels. And this one here contained my current stash. So maybe I don’t have money to buy stuff or my next plane ticket but that is not synonymous to not having any money at all. Because I have money. This money. Just that it cannot be traded with stuff or plane ticket unless I pay the money changer a visit. Lol!

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And because I owe this nomination to @docandersen, I will guide you back to his Day-3 Photo Challenge feature:

365 day photo challenge day 3

Interested in joining? Read the mechanics here from the one person @artbytes26 who started this interactivity.

Now, for my nominee (yay! I finally found another one who is willing to devote time and effort to this challenge), I present to you @stevelinebaugh! Steven is another writer/poet I met in Niume. I had a very interesting exchange (I wrote about a specific topic to which he expressed his own opinion by writing a reply to it in his own blog…we tentatively agree on continuing that debate of ideas maybe here in Virily…it is a fun thing to do, you know) with him in Niume many moons ago about the topic of change.

Back to the 365 Photo Challenge…my countdown says 361 more to go.

Light and love…be happy for life is a gift, a present we have to be grateful for every single day.


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  1. Interesting collection! Whether you have a lot or not I don’t know the truth, but the fact that you have a lot of experience, it is your wealth. You are rich. The one who is always looking for everything is poor because she/he has lost everything, the person who enjoys everything is rich because she/he has everything.

    • People, experiences and memories…those are wealth that no one will be interested to steal and so I need not plant any banana in my border hahaha! Life is a lot of trouble if we keep looking at the other side of the fence…but if we learn to see, love and appreciate what we have in our own hands, life could mean joy and contentment.

        • Then again, perfection is but a perspective – purely subjective. What one finds as perfect, the other may find as flawed. Banana is something that is abundant in my country that you can readily find it in the markets. I love banana fritters but also I eat boiled ones (certain varieties are suitable for such).

          • Language is the instrument of the game as well as the largest human prison. The main part of the media for the spread of uniformity of mind that is used to defend the building of collective blindness. On the other hand, language is something that develops the human brain. Perfection is a small part of it.
            hey… If bananas are in abundance in your place, you must be in a (sub) tropical region, and most likely, we are in the same climate.

  2. I started collecting coins in other countries when I was 11. Now I have a stack of bills (paper money) from other countries is about 8 inches tall. I have hundreds of coins. Add to that the coins from the State Quarters in the US and we have a lot.
    but add all that up, it is still probably less than a plane ticket!

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