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Wild Mint Always Brings Memories

Sharing a photo of the wild mint growing in the screen room. This mint is well liked by the Dude and Brendel. They will both walk by and take a few bites. 

I also have a photo of the Dude sleeping in the container. He is one funny cat. 🙂

During the winter when it gets cold, I bring some of the mint inside, let it dry out and keep it ready for my hot tea. Makes the best cup of hot tea, add some milk and honey. Goo stuff. And good memories of my dear Grandmother. She would pick this same mint growing wild along side her road.

I remember like it was yesterday having tea with her, on her front porch in the rocking chair and Dustin in the swing. 

Such priceless memories. Too bad we cannot turn the clock back. That is where I would want to be.

Photo ©CarolDM

  • Memories are forever in our hearts, thank goodness right?

    • Yes


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