Labyrinth of life

A simplified life for me, homo sapiens, is like a real corridor with a door at the end. I am born, then I am going in school for years, then I work so I can feed myself and reproduce, and even protect, take care of the offspring, then comes the hour – I walk out the door at the end of the corridor.

But I, like many of my kind, are cunning, trying to disguise the primitiveness of existence, so in the corridor, I look for other doors that lead to the world of entertainment.

There I am awaited by theories and stories, gods and idols, rites, and religions which, when they die, turn into art, art into money, money into spam that we have nowhere to put. 

Wealth, poverty, beauty salons, food restaurants, breast and butt benchmarks, wars, sports, honor, conscience, dignity, quality of life, and other banalities, but sooner or later it turns out to be just a distraction.

We are creating a labyrinth so that we would not see how straight is our corridor and what is at its end.

And again I try to contrive, I say: the labyrinth is a great symbol of the identity process, we move on the path of consciousness towards the self, the center, because there, in the center is the answer, the philosophical stone, nirvana, Jesus Christ, Buddha or god according to taste and so on. But again, it turns out that there is nothing in the center of the maze, only ourselves, and behind us – the door at the end of the corridor.

Maybe life is like a labyrinth, but you don’t have to look for a way out of it, the exit finds us itself.

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