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That woman on the sidewalk in front of the church – she was kneeling without raising her head, but I saw that she was young. I wanted to hear her story, or a fairy tale, but she said: go your way… and added some curses…

I went wondering what a sour and unloved life would be like to choose a job on the street? You becomes a stranger, separated by a wall of shame, despair, and hatred. Each one is a wolf for you. Loneliness is too cruel a punishment for even the most offenders.

More than once I talked to street vagabonds – they were creating sad stories of lies that I wanted to believe, but in the end a much poorer truth came to light. But I didn’t get angry, just sad that their abyss was too deep, and there was no exit for them.

When I returned to my cozy home, I hugged loved ones and thanked fortune for the happiness of loving them. May those poor people who sleep on the street always remind us of what we have.

© Fortune, 2020

  • Do you give money to vagabonds on the streets?

    • Yes


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