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God in a Garden

A moment. Just a short interval as I struggle with an intermittent depressive state. Growing and expanding our selves is often confusing and exhausting...

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Finding a new passion from an old love

I am excited about a new twist on an old passion. I've always worked in pastels as well as oils but there have always...

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A love of birds: Joy for an artist, writer, photographer.

I've loved birds for as long as I can remember, my neighbor had a garden where many different species of birds passed through but...

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Hints of Spring: Glimmers of Hope

Winter is the season of introspection. When light is rare we tend to seek its' brilliance. Nature is always the teacher to the often...

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The Garden and the Gardener

When you're young, you have thoughts, ideas, dreams and your excitement is contagious. You start a garden, you prepare your path and collect the...

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