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365 Photo Challenge – Day30

For the last four days, I am blessed to wake up to this gorgeous view from our bedroom. We are staying in one of the condo apartments in Haeundae Beach. It is 1.5-km long and is considered as one of Korea’s most famous and beautiful beaches located in the Eastern part of Busan.

How many of us wake up in the morning and feel grateful about that fact? I used to wake up at the alarm of my phone and the first thing that comes to mind is WORK — that or whatever plan was made the day before. Pathetic, isn’t it? Instead of saying my thanks for the privilege to be alive and savor the moment like sunrise, I would begrudge the shortness of my sleep. I was living like a machine. Work. Sleep. Repeat. True, I have friends at the office whose company I enjoyed much — but the monotony of everyday grind doing the same thing over and over again could drive most people to either burnout or boredom.

Boredom makes us less appreciative of life and the miracles that come along with it. We take many things, circumstance and worse, people for granted because we get so used to it that it no longer holds any charm (or we think it will be there forever). That is, in large extent, the reason why we regret the loss of someone or something — for we fail to appreciate it or to express our love and care while it (or the person) is present.

I am on my Day-30 in 365 Photo Challenge — 335 photos more to go, yay! If you care to join, read the guidelines here.


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Written by HarpingByAPixie

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  1. Very wise words my friend. Thank you for sharing your vacation! The water is warmer than usual though, giggles. The ole pacific is not warm by any means. I can’t get into it anymore, but used to as a kid.

  2. Amazing and stunning photos, wow! I envy you. However I do not take anything for granted in life. I have lost so many, all of my family in fact, so I enjoy the little things. A powerful message you have shared here. So glad you are able to get away and enjoy the beauty and time for you to think about nothing and not hearing phones or alarm clocks! Enjoy!

    • I took for granted my health for many years. I had to earn money coz I was supporting the college education of my 3 younger siblings. At times, I took for granted the presence of some loved ones because I was either too busy or too tired. But I am learning bit by bit to show appreciation.

  3. Everything can be boring especially everything associated with the paradigm; work, a must, obligations, and routine, even on things we like or love, except that we can find an eternal abundance of peace and happiness in addition to a vacation to a beautiful place like you do today. Hehe…