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Looking at an old Icelandic manuscript thru a microscope…

.... ða.This Icelandic ð seems interesting. Especially accompanying this a. Letters can be such strange things, especially on hundred years old paper. They can force...

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One star, many stripes

The lights on the ceiling and wall in my hallway. The star is a Christmas decoration leftover, and the stripes are from a light...

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Sunset in a raindrop

When it's raining, you can always enjoy the sunset as it reflects in a raindrop. If I had taken this photo of the sunset in...

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“Excuse me, but would you please put me down?”

After a light rain shower, I and my daughter went out on a snails photo hunt. Because in one place nearby there's a lot...

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“The fire in the Tyger caught my hair,” she said, but I think it was the fire within her

I watched her circling her long red burning hair all around her like a blanket, no, not a blanket, a shawl that flew through...

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