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The height of summer-2018 in Iceland

Trip to Iceland in the middle of summer – a great option for your holidays! There will be a lot of festive events and entertainment.

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Let’s start with sporting activities.

Adore horses? Your presence at Landsmót – The Icelandic Horse Competition (1-8 July) is really necessary!

Fun of running competitions? Welcome to:

  • Thorvaldsdalur Terrain Run (7 July) – the oldest terrain run in Iceland; held in Þorvaldsdalur Valley (about 20 km north of Akureyri town).
  • The Color Run in Akureyri (also 7 July) – a plenty of fun + very colorful finish – the participants are shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow!
  • Laugavegur Ultra Marathon (14 July) – 55 km mountain race = sand, gravel, grass, snow, ice, rivers and streams.
  • Reykjavik Marathon (18 August) – takes place every year marking the anniversary of Reykjavik City.

What else? Rey Cup – International football festival (Reykjavik, 25-29 July), Swamp Soccer (Bolungarvík, Iceland, 3-5 August)Rally Reykjavik 2018 (23-25 August).

Now let’s turn to music – things will be also great: folk, chamber & rock – indoor & outdoor festivals. I mean Folk Music Festival of Siglufjörður (4-8 July), Eistnaflug Music festival (11-14 July), KEXPORT (13-14 July), Reykholt Chamber Music Festival (27-29 July), Bræðslan Music Festival (28 July), Innipúkinn Music Festival (3-5 August).

What about creativity, art, & culture? Let me list the most popular events:

  • LungA Art Festival (Seydisfjordur, 15-22 July) – a lot of exciting art workshops, lectures, exhibitions and concerts.
  • Reykjavik Culture Night (18 August) – “come on in!” – the slogan of this festival means good old fashioned customs of hospitality.
  • Act Alone Theatre Festival (Suðureyri, 9-11 August) – annual show dedicated to such complicated kind of art as monodrama.

Where to go with the whole family? Let’s see:

  • Medieval Trading Weekend (Eyjafjordur, 14-16 July) – all about Icelandic medieval crafts and games.
  • Icelandic Bank Holiday Weekend (4-6 August) – a set of fascinating family-oriented activities (festivals, concerts, parties, etc.) all over the country.
  • Fireworks show at Jokulsarlon – magic lights in the night sky, very breathtaking!

Also for all of you – whalewatching & puffins safaris.

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Wish you a wondrous summer!


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  1. These photos are stunning, I met a woman that came from Iceland and her 2 Icelandic nieces. I was greatly impressed and would love to see Iceland one day if it became remotely possible. Its very hard to get to Europe and these places from NZ.

    • Very glad about your wonderful comment!!! Had some subscribers from Iceland in social networks, they’re very nice, too. Oh yeah, let me share these dreams about trip to Iceland with you!!!

  2. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful country. I never visited Iceland but it seems a great place to go and relax. I think I would just like to go hiking if at all possible. Can you arrange that for me? All kidding aside, the field of flowers, the whale watching and puffins would probably my favorites and first activities. Although I would not mind seeing a craft fair or two as I am always looking for new patterns (either in crochet or tatting) and new types of craft I can try (at least with needle and thread only).