Sending Early Cheers for 2018!

Saturday, 12.30.17

I woke up at noon, and I felt my whole body aching and sore.  I have been very active this holiday season, doing lots of outdoor activities, such as four hours of ice skating at a temporary rink, walking group meetup, and working out at the gym classes. While in yoga class on Friday, I noticed my yoga poses and moves were off, as off as my ice skating skills. I am rusted in yoga and ice skating because I haven’t done either one for a while. And, of course, my body was very sore all over, mostly in the shoulders, legs, and middle section. I also realized that I am out of food, and I need to go grocery shopping soon. But after I drank my morning coffee, I turned on my computer and entered IMVU to see another holiday gift—gold “CHEERS” balloons for my new holiday apartment. My avatar models with the balloons at a quick photo shoot. But she remains in her cozy casual-wear outfit of flannel plaid PJ pants, sweatshirt, plaid scarf, knit hat, knit armwarmers, and hiking boots. She holds her iPhone in one hand, and two of her shihtzus are at her sides, posing with her. These gold balloons are animated, in which my avatar is moving around and waving during the photo shoot, which is like a real photo shoot, as I take the snapshots in freeze frame.

In the above snapshot, her baby daughter accidentally crawls into the shot. As the art director of this photo shoot, I decided to keep this shot because the holiday season is really all about family. And, the baby wanted to be near her mommy.

My avatar, her husband, and their baby girl are glamping in this city apartment. Sleeping in comfy holiday sleeping bags and the cushion chair and large teddy bears for the baby, they enjoy a holiday of family bonding, filled with love, a warm fireplace, and each other.


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