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Celebrate Easter in your heart

Experience and survive all the colors of life! Don’t just be black and white! Remember, the world is variegated! It has many possibilities, tests, choices! These are the colors of life! That’s beautiful! 

What colors you paint your destiny or yourself – it’s your choice! And if you have gloomy, sad colors in you now – a great opportunity to be reborn and bring new, brighter colors! How do you feel inside yourself today? After all, colors and shades are cold and warm.

 Look out the window – how much light around! Let a particle of it bless your heart and hope. Reborn within you.

Cities and towns will be closed this festive weekend. Movement is restricted. Therefore, one of the most beautiful holidays of the year will be without some of the dearest loved ones. It’s hard to even believe it. Strange feeling. But that is the only way we can protect them and their lives. And that’s the most important thing!

Therefore, let us be conscious and stay at home. And those who are far from us will still be near – they are in our hearts.

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