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Santa Claus and Christmas miracles

I used to think that the miracle of Christmas disappears the moment you find out the true story of Santa Claus. Now I realize that the real miracle is not even that. A miracle is a kindness that fills the heart as the holidays approachColors that change gray. Grins that we share with each other.The love we do not keep under the three locks – which we release into the world, finally not afraid to express our feelings.

What do you lack for full happiness? Probably just enough to keep the white snow behind the window from melting until Christmas. But even if it melts – warm and cozy celebrations full of love and happiness are far more important than white celebrations.

I am sure that together with the passing days of December, the feeling of waiting for Christmas will enter into the homes and hearts of more and more people. And from our family’s home to your home, we send our sincerest wishes. Have a nice and cozy holiday waiting!

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